The Podcast addict podcatcher app for androidWe are still looking for the best podcast manager a beginner could use that would prove to be easy for them to learn how to use and make downloading the podcasts they listen to eay. I find myself looking at an app through the eyes of a person who is subscribed to almost 100 different shows. Now granted many of the shows I am subscribed to have pod faded but still it makes finding a Podcatcher very challenging. I look for an app that downloads automatically so I don’t have to think about it. I want my shows to, just be there. I believe that many new podcast users want that same convenience. I would like to be able to easily manage my shows so that they are in what ever playlist I choose.

Podcast Addict is a solid podcast player but it is not easy to use. you have Categories and they are the categories that the show is found under. You can put shows under different categories if you choose. This is good especially when you consume lots of podcasts.

You are able to get auto-download and configure many key points.For example, you can only download over wifi orif you want to stream your podcast you can do that only over wifi too. Though I was not able to get the Podcast Addict to auto download the three test shows I used. Now that could be because there was no “New” episode to download. The download was good. The playback sound was as expected.

A great little feature that I was able to find was that you can search through the iTunes catalog of podcasts and retrieve all of the popular shows. because many time many of the big celebrities don’t realize that there are people who don’t use iPhones and that podcasts are consumed else where than in the iOS ecosystem. Not many, but a few.  This Podcast manager allows for android users to expand their field of shows.

Many podcast managers these days offer the ability to automatically clean up any listen to shows after you have taken in all the great information they share. Podcast Addict is no different. You can actually set it to delete shows you have listen to unless they are marked as favorite. because there is always those couple of shows that you have to share with all of your friends at nauseum

There is one big draw back and that is in the area of play lists. There is a play list but there is only one though this will work for a new podcast user, but for an avid podcast consumer You are not able to break the podcasts into different play only have the one and you can rearrange the list so you have your favorites first but I like to listen to one play list that is centered aroudn a spacific topic at a time.

This podcatcher is good, but it could be a little easier to use. some of the features are not as straight forward as they could be while some features are very welcome. Not a bad podcast mamager for the field of free.

Download Podcast Addict

DoggCatcher is General Podcatcher and News aggregator for Android

When it comes to podcast managers there are several around. One you don’t hear much about is the Podcatcher known as Doggcatcher. This is a premium app for the android phones. One of the reasons I started using Doggcatcher is because I was having problems with my main podcast manager. So, I started looking around I had heard people mention DoggCatcher a few times and wondered how well it works.

I first tried the out my podcast and checked out to see how everything works I was able to download and play so I downloaded and played one of the shows that I was having problems with, and it worked, Great! So off I went assuming that this podcatcher worked like my old one. My first lesson in changing over podcasts. Then found out that you can’t just migrate over shows in to Doggcatcher and expect them to be in order. I knew this but was not fully ready for the number of hoops I was going to have to jump through just to get my shows in the order i wanted to have them play.

What I was expecting to do, was setup some type of category or playlist and add my shows to that playlist and the podcast manager would take over and automatically add the episodes to the list in the order of oldest to newest and away I would go!

Not quite that easy. Especially if your are in the truck driving profession, like I am currently. The biggest issue I have with Doggcatcher is that there are a few extra steps that I was not aware of, till I had to figure out the problem while driving down the road. Let it be known that trying to figure out why your shows are not playing in the assigned category is not easy, especially when you are driving. Yet, when I was able to find a place to stop and look I found out that you have to add all of the podcasts shows to a category, and then add those categories to a playlist. After that, any shows that were already downloaded didn’t automatically get added to the playlist, so you have to add those orphaned shows to a list. Big pain in the tail

These extra steps and hoops I find to be a bit of a problem for the new podcast listener. These are the people who are hearing the word podcast and have decided to see what the hubbub is all about. Using something like Doggcatcher is going to prove to be a  little too challenging for some new people who will give up because of the difficulty of getting the shows to play the way that they want.

 The Good aspects of DoggCatcher

OPML – If you are a big enough podcast listener you know about OPML files. These are files that are great if you consume lots of podcasts it is basically a bookmark page of all the podcast RSS feeds you listen to, and DoggCatcher allows for the import and export of these OPML files trust me it helps

Plays all mp3 files – I have a few feeds that I thought had pod faded but come to find out they haven’t. Great!

Chromecast – If you are a fan of Chromecast, Doggcatcher has the ability to stream your podcasts to your television.

The Bad aspects of DoggCatcher

The steps to take to set up your shows you are subscribed is challenging  to say the least. The multiple steps to setup your shows so that they will be played according to the category you have chosen.

The verdict of Doggcatcher

Great app but not for the beginning listener. It could be a bit of a frustration and cause new listeners to give up on listening to podcasts.

Juice the Podcast ManagerMany of the old school podcast listeners know of this Podcast manager. Juice is the podcather you used, if you didn’t want to have to wait for the colossal download that was, and still is, iTunes. You could download this program in no time flat with it only being 6.3 MB in size instead of dialing in, yes some of us still were dialing in for a while, and downloading iTunes all night long.

So if this program is so old that it was around during dial-up days why review it now? That is ’cause it  still works. Juice is a podcast aggregator, and that is what it does well. Though the app has not been updated since April of 2013, it still holds up, though the design is a bit dated.

The Features of Juice


Juice is Open source so you can download and use it for free under the GPL
Juice is not just english it supports more than 15 languages
Juice is designed to manage podcasts
Juice has a built-in directory so if you are new you will not have to go very far to find your first podcast to listen to.
Juice has auto cleanup, so once you listen to an episode of your favorite show it will be deleted instantly. that way you are not clogging your hard drives up with old shows.
Juice has centralized feed management so you can subscribe or unsubscribe to podcasts without having to do any technical acrobatics.
Juice is accessible for blind and visually impaired users now this feature is only for the windows version but the developers of Juice care that much.

Though this podcast manager doesn’t have much in the way of extra features it does do what it meant. Juice allows for you to download and play podcasts is it the best for a beginner? There are other podcasts managers that can do this better and are easier to use.

Download Juice


You can synce your podcasts with DropboxSay you are wanting to listen to podcasts at work but you don’t want to have to copy and sort through all of the podcasts you listen to, or for another reason you need to have some podcasts episodes that are automatically uploaded to dropbox after they are downloaded.

You can do this with iTunes and a small add-on called Dropbox Folder Sync

First download  Dropbox Folder sync

This add on will help in linking your podcast download folder to  your Dropbox folder. Just click the orange “Download” button on the left download and install. Once installed, go to your iTunes podcast folder this is normally

C:\Users\<user name>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Podcasts\

Right click on the Podcasts folder and you will see the option “Dropbox Folder Sync” choose “Sync with Dropbox” and all the podcasts in that folder will be synced to Dropbox.

Now if you don’t want all the folders listed in the Podcasts folder. Then instead of selecting the podcasts folder just choose the shows you want synced and right click go to “Dropbox Folder Sync” and choose “Sync with Dropbox”. Then every time you grab new shows, Your dropbox will be updated and they will be dropped when you remove them.

That should get you going without having to go search for the shows again and try to sync your shows if you do not use the iPhone Podcasts app.

Remember this is for being able to consume podcasts don’t try to use Dropbox or Google Drive or any other cloud storage as your media server.

Show notes should be used if anything for their seo Show notes, this is almost every podcasters bane. The number one part of podcasting that no one likes seems to be writing show notes. Why? Well from my guess most podcasters don’t like writing. Hence the reason they are podcasting, that way they  can create content with hopes of not writing as much. So if all your content is spoken shy should a podcast worry about show notes? Why should you worry about show notes? I would put show notes in the category of discoverability. The notes that are put out, help search engines like google, bing, yahoo, to find out if your show is what their searchers are looking for. It allows for people to evaluate whether you are going to be giving them good information.

What do show notes need?

Minimum length of show notes should be about 300 words. The more words you write ,the better, but do not write for Google or any other search engine. People who write just for SEO will eventually get hit with some update. You are seeing people talk about the penguin update and how it has messed up their seo strategy and needing to spend many hundreds if not thousands of dollars to correct what was broken with a Google update. That could all be alleviated if they had tried selling to a person instead of an algorithm.  When you do write, write to your audience and share the needed information Give details about what is going to be in you show

What do you not need to put in your show notes

In this episode… Many new podcasters will start off with the phrase “In this episode…” somewhere in their show notes.  It really doesn’t help with explaining what it is an episode most people who find your podcast episode’s show notes will quickly find out that this is for a podcast or at least some type if episodic content. Why some people don’t do show notes

  • I have heard, “I don’t want to lose listeners because they are getting what they need from the show notes.” This says I don’t have confidence in my material. I don’t believe my show is good enough for people to be interested in every episode. IF that is the case relax. Work on your material and improve it each episode. but keep putting out good show notes
  • Other people think that they are not good writers, and there for don’t believe they should subject people to what they wrote. If you are not a good writer again relax. Keep writing your writing will improve with each time you write.
  • The Notes takes too long / or too busy to write. Yes notes can take a very long time to research and write and at times the show notes can take a very long time. But the end results are well worth the time, the frustrations, and fingers tied up in knots.

Growing your audience takes work, not just time taken into recording but to type out well thought out show notes.   Examples of good show notes
The School of Podcasting – Well this is done by a master so it is always goood to show the best example of show notes
Strange Worlds Travelogue – Great extra bits about the show and explains about what the episode is about.
Examples of not so good show notes
Smodcast – really doesn’t tell you anything about what the episode contains.
What to Think – The notes touch on what is going to be talked a bit but lacking in detail and makes it difficult for search engines to use that information for potential audience members who could trip across the site.

Podcasting News

Blackberry podcast directory is gone. Blackberry has taken the submit a podcast page down and if you go to the actual catalog page it is gone too. So it looks like Blackberry is hurting pretty bad and is starting to shut down some services. There for the link has been removed from the approved directory listing.

Comment question

Margaret Bartley asked a question on the Podcatchers page, and she is wanting to know if there is a podcatcher that allows for people to edit the id3 Tags and the file names so that the episodes she wants to listen to again are easier to find.

Links Mentioned

Podcast Review Show – Special Mouse
WordPress SEO by Yoast

What do you need to know about video podcastingCan Videos be Podcasts?

Yes, As long as the media is delivered via RSS, then it is a podcast so in a way and in definition you can actually have a PDF podcast if you chose to have one. Now, many people are just beginning to understand what a podcast is and how it actually works, but they have tied everything to just audio. This does, at times, cause some confusion and misinformation is spread around. There are many great podcasts that are video only podcasts. While some podcasts have both an audio and video feed. In other words there is an RSS fee that supplies just the Audio version of the Show and another feed that has only the video of the show. This is all contingent on your preference, and also what your topic is.

Why would you want to do a video podcast?

You might want to start with, do you have detailed information that is better told through showing? Does is pass the Easier to Show Test, if it is easier to say “Here, Let me show you.” Then you probably want to have a video podcast or at least a video episode of so that your audience is able to see and fully understand what you are telling then. Many times if your going through many steps of “Do This, Then This” A video of what you are talking about helps your podcast audience out tremendously. The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words truly is evident when you are walking someone through a step by step tutorial showing them a very technical topic.

So with a video podcast you actually share more information than you can, with just audio. You can post photos of your topic or you can add animation that will explain the topic in a simpler term than you could with just words.

As the host of the show, many times we want to give our audience our information in all the different channels they could possibly want. You might find out that you have an audience that doesn’t listen to audio all that often,. Yet, they watch videos non-stop. In that case you might want to start a podcast, as an effort to reach those specific audience members that normally wouldn’t listen to your show.

If a podcaster puts out one video a month their audience grows faster than if they are just audio. They grow even faster still if they put out a video along side their audio episodes.

Why would you not want to do a video podcast?

If you are using Libsyn as your media host you are typically able to get by with a $15 plan of 250MB for your one hour show. An hour-long audio podcast will be in the ball park of 45 MB. Now, if you were to do a video in standard definition then you are going to need about 350MB. So with just one video episode you have gone over you allotted upload for a month. Or in other words Video has more data, each pixel that is on the screen for that 1/26 of a second and takes up space on your hard drive. So Video is very expensive when it comes to hosting.

Videos also take up more space on your audience’s listening device. There for if they get behind their storage on their phone or iPod will start to disappear because your videos are taking up that space. The first place I free up are the unwatched videos that are taking up my precious space. The File size also becomes a factor when people are concerned about their bandwidth consumption. If you are on Verizon or AT&T you are on a tiered plan so it can get expensive if you go over your allotted bandwidth.

These days most people catch up with their podcast episodes when they are doing something else. Whether that is Washing the dishes, Mowing the lawn, or driving to work, your audience is normally doing something else with an audio podcast. They will not be able to listen as easily when there is a video playing. Often people will stop and watch the video when they are done. So unless you have really good content then people are normally not going to “get” to your show because they will have more pressing fires to put out.

When you are creating an audio podcast you realize that the recording is the easy part and for every minute of audio recorded is 4 minutes of other work associated with the show. That includes editing, uploading, show notes and marketing.  Now take that and double it. It becomes a 1:8 Ratio of work and most of it is in the editing.

Alternatives to Doing a video podcast

Youtube Free and is the second largest Search engine on the net. People are very active on Youtube.

Google Hangouts actually ties in to YouTube but at the same time give you the ability record and post at the same time.

Also thanks to the following Reviewers

Meatsnack2345 – *****: Great help in wanting to produce my own podcast

Social Strategy Podcast – *****: This is a great podcast. The intro music alone is worth a listen. Once you’re past that the information’s great and delivered in a way that keeps me engaged. Keep it up and can’t wait to hear more.


Thanks to

Curt Nelson
Soulspotter from

Finally an explination

Getting Contacted by your listeners is great!Many people with a podcast want to have their audience to be more engaging. They try the open questions, the podcaster tries to get emails sent people to call in. Some type of feedback. Any feedback at all. How do you get feedback? This is the question many listeners ask after they ask how to get more listeners. One way to help is to make it easy for your audience to contact you and help with the interaction is for you to have a simple contacts page.

Why a contact page?

  • Simplify the call to action – You can say visit our contact page in way to follow us.
  • keep everything in one place – Instead of telling you audience to go here then here then here, OH and dont forget there, There , and over Yonder. It is all in one spot and people can go to where they are most comfortable
  • People look for ways to contact your show. – Many times people are driving running or doing something with their hands so a pen and paper is not close by. This way it is easy for people to remember just direct the podcast listeners to your contacts page.
  • You can have an email form lined up so people can easily send you emails. There is nothing wrong with a email form on your site. you may get some spam but

What needs to be in a contact page?

The main items you want to have on your contact page is

A contact form at the very least. you can use the wordpress plugin Contact Form Maker This is a simple little plugin that allows for your listeners to quickly send a simple message to your email inbox with out them having to deal with the hassle of opening their email client copying over the address and hitting send they just enter their information and BOOM! They are done. no muss no fuss.

Use a Prettylink to make the url rememberable like

But you might want to also have a combination of any of the following.

  • Phone number make sure to make it clickable for the mobile phones
  • Email address You can put this on your site if you use
  • Social Media Information
  • Call to action for rating the podcast

Tip of the Week

Make sure your information is set up to work on mobile devices. The mobile users are growing. So you might want to use these special codes, for instance

To make your phone number clickable <a href=”tel:[PHONE-NUMBER]“>[PHONE-NUMBER]</a>

You can also so an SMS Messages <a href=”sms:[PHONE-NUMBER]?body=[MESSAGE]“>[PHONE-NUMBER]</a>

maybe you use Skype to talk to people They can now contact you with <a href=”skype:skype_user?call”>Call us using Skype!</a>

You might also want to tell your audiance where they can meet you in person. <a href=”” title=”Your Address here” target=”_blank”>Your Address Here</a>

A Podcasters Site – New Segment

When you you start growing. Your audience will start wanting to help you out when they can. A nice convenient way is by donations. A new site that has been up for a few months  called Patreon Fills this gap nicely. This is a  support site for creatives. Whether it is painters, bloggers, youtubers, or podcasters, writers, or photographers this is a site that will help you feed your habit.

Some people look at it like it is a continuously running Kickstarter campaign. After you set your page up your listeners are able to go and pledge money to your show and for each show, or monthly depending on you set your page up, your pledgers will then contribute when you release an episode. Now this doesn’t make your show a pay to listen. Your listeners will still be able to get your show for free, it is just a way for your podcast audience to help with your show.

You are able to set up rewards for reaching different goals, which will help to make each accomplishment the much better.

Podcasting News

Adam Corrolla has taken the gloves off on the patent troll Personal Audio LLC He is hitting the this non producing Bully with everything he has got, and the podfather is needing our help. Adam has put a fundraiser together over at Fundanything

Listen to Marc Maron and Adam Corolla talk about the patent troll

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This is a continuation of last weeks episode

iTunes and feedburnerSetting up FeedBurner

When you go to Feedburner. You choose Edit feed Details just under the title of your Feed.

Here you will choose the Smartcast tab on the left hand side. This will open the Podcasting options you are going to need to edit.

  • Create podcast enclosures from links to – Here choose according to the type of podcast you are creating if video you can choose Video Files only if you are only doing an audio podcast the you may choose to select the Audio Files only  if you are doing both then again you might want to choose the Any Rich Media File
  • Include iTunes podcasting elements – Check this or it just wont work right.
  • Category – They allow up to 5 different categories but again choose the proper category if  you are about Child Raiding you want family &Kids not Podcasting
  • Podcast image location – This is te URL for your 1400 x 1400 pixel image for your art work. You want it to be that big because iTunes will only accept new and noteworthy if there is a 1400 x 1400 image
  • Podcast subtitle – again this is your Tag line you can put a few keywords here
  • Podcast summary – Keyword city! as long as it doesn’t become too spammy.
  • Podcast search keywords – Go crazy there is no maximum that they state but make them relevant.
  • Podcast author email address – Again enter your email address
  • Include “Media RSS” information and add podcast to Yahoo! Search – Check this it can not hurt to have your media files place in another search engine.
  • Contains explicit content –  If you use harsh language then yes. If you make it an effort to be family friendly then choose clean. Choose “No” if it is going to be PG-13
  • Copyright Message – Enter you copyright information like 2014
  • Podcast Author – what is your name?

The little we know about Apple and how they actually rank the shows. For obvious reasons they are not going to tell us how they rank the shows but at the same time Apple could let us in on some of how they so their iSEO. But most people have gathered there are at least 4 key points to the rankings of the show in the results

  • Downloads –  the person with the most downloads is at the top
  • Keywords – The most matching keywords is at the top
  • Reviews – The most reviews with the highest ratings are listed the highest.
  • Subscribers – The person with the most subscribers get a higher ranking

If we look at “Learn to podcast” Search term You get a whole bunch of podcasts that are teaching you something but sprinkled through out there are The School of Podcasting in position 16. Then Podcast Quick tips is at 46, and Podcast Dojo with it being a new show in the line up is sitting at 104. If you search of Podcast Dojo I show up in the 25th spot  behind Didgeridoo Dojo, and Leadership Dojo. If you look Didgeridoo Dojo, you notice they haven’t released a show since January of 2012 and yet they are still at the top of their ranking for the Dojo Keyword. That is because of the number of subscribers and downloads . They put out pretty good content and I even listened to the show just because it is a cool instrument. Yet there is only one review for the show. There are more downloads because his show is has been out long than Podcast Dojo then he surely has more subscribers also. Some people may be holding on just to see if he puts out another show.


Personal Audio Update

The EFF was successful in smashing the request that Personal Audio LLC made for the Donor list for the Save Podcasting fund. The Judge on the hearing took hardly anytime to some to the conclusion of no Personal Audio could not have Electronic Frontier Foundation’s donor list.

Blubrry now has an affiliate program

Like all things Blubrry they are doing it a little different. Their program has the ability of producing residual income through out the year. There are also other programs that are coming down the pipe so it looks like Blubrry is up to some good things. Podcast Dojo’s is still in the application period so the link will be available soon.

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With a podcast, you want people to be able to find your show. One of the best and essential directories you want to have your show listed in, is iTunes. Now you can just put your information into the iTunes or you can enter the needed information the correct way and increase you chances of being found when a person searches for a show or your topic.

Ther earekey points to working with iTunes search so your podcast will be found

How to set up

Start off with a good foundation. This is the your setup on your blog. If you are using WordPress then more than likely you will be using the PowerPress plugin. If you are using Tumblr or another free blogging service then you are probably using FeedBurner to tag your feed. In both you want to make use that you have plenty of keywords in your show title, tagline, and description. There are these three place you can place your keywords and help your show appear before more potential audience members. Yet, Dont do “Keyword Stuffing” and it is evident when a person is keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is when a person tries to place as many keywords as they possibly can into each field. So, do not go overboard on the keyword use your key words and put them into proper sentences. That actually turns me off from a podcast when I see “Super Mega Social Media Podcast | podcast  social media Facebook twitter Google plus weedeater lawn care hot russian chicks” I see something like that, I get the red flag that the podcast host may not know all that they are talking about and are just looking to garner hits and sell you something.

So, You might want to use something more along the lines of  “Super Mega Social Media Podcast | We are the Experts on all Social Media platforms.” With a Tag line of “Keep up with Social Media Jones” And keep that  up with the description. Tell a story in your description. Remember, you are selling here, you are giving your pitch to the listener as to why they should listen to your podcast. So, explain who, what and why. If need be, get inspiration from your about page.

Where do you put the Title, description, and all that jazz?

So, where do you put these magical settings? That will be in one of two places. Depending on which tagging service you are using, PowerPress or Feed Burner.


placing keyword rich itunes description and title will help you be found in iTunes

Click to enlarge

For PowerPress users you settings will be in the PowerPress menu in your Admin Settings. In PowerPress you will see a tab at the top that is labeled iTunes, and we will also be doing some edits in the Feeds tab. First the Feeds Tab. In this tab we are going to the “Feeds Settings” and the two fields that need to be edited are the Feed Title and the Feed Description. The Title is your show title for example my iTunes title is currently

“Podcast Dojo | Learn how to podcast like a master by understanding podcasting techniques, podcasting equipment and social media”

It has the keywords I want in there without it being spammy, that is because it is worked into an actual sentence. The Description here is a lot of the same

Podcasting is exploding! It seems that everyone is starting a podcast. Yet, many people end up doing it wrong. They follow sales pitchy blog posts about how to start a podcast in 4 easy steps only to find out that the “easy steps” have  enormous gaps that are missing critical details. These details that can block you from your audience. I am glad you have the podcasting bug and there is a LOT of information that you need to know as you learn to podcast, but that information is not difficult to learn. This show will help you plan out your show, build your audience, and explain the power of podcasting. While talking about podcasting tips,  and podcasting strategy. I desire nothing more than to help you realise that this is a new medium, that is different from any other medium out there because you will have an amazing relationship with someone who WANTS to listen to you.

The keywords I want people to find me with are found in this description like Starting a podcast, how to start a podcast, and learn to podcast. Now the reason that these are phrases instead of keywords like social media, or podcasting equipment. That is because, long form searches are becoming more and more popular. People want to search more by phrases and as iTunes improves their search algorithm I see it going to a more phrase based search. While at the same time iTunes still does most of it searches by actual keywords. There for you want to make sure that you do have those keywords into the description and title.

The next tab is the iTunes tab and this tab you want to make sure you get this filled out properly because it can cost you some listeners. Since this is the case Lets go over each field starting from the top down.

  • iTunes Subscription URL – This is the URL that you are given when you are accepted into iTunes.  It typically look like If you have lost that URL, don’t worry go into iTunes and search the store for your show. once you find it and you go to your in-store page right-click (For Windows users) and choose “Copy URL”. That is the URL you will need. Paste the URL into this field and remove the “?mt=2″ at the very end you really don’t need it.
  • iTunes Program Subtitle – This is your Tag line another good place to insert some good keyword rich description
  • iTunes Program Summary – More space for Keywords but just don’t get spammy about it. Again make sure it fits our podcast and the keywords are actual parts of the sentence.
  • iTunes Episode Summary – Leave “Optimize iTunes Summary from Blog Posts” unchecked
  • iTunes Program Keywords – Here you are limited to 12 keywords separated by commas. So, choose the best 12 keyword you can think of. and if you think of a better on you can always trade out a lesser keyword for the better keyword
  • iTunes Category – This is the genre of your show. what category does your show fit into, and choose the most specific. We know your show is a podcast so unless it deals with podcasting do not put it in the podcasting category.
  • iTunes Category 2 – Another category your podcast would fit into
  • iTunes Category 3 – Rinse and repeat with another category your show would fit into.
  • iTunes Explicit – If you use lots of blue words in each podcast episode. You will need to choose the explicit tag. If you make an effort to not have any swearing, in your show, then I would use the Clean tag
  • iTunes Talent Name – This is your name.
  • iTunes Email – This is the email address you can be reached at and is required
  • iTunes New Feed URL – You will only use this if you are changing your RSS feed

Next you will need to go to the tab Art Work.

  • iTunes Image  – This image should be your album art at 1400 X 1400 pixels place the URL that the image can be found at
  • iTunes Episode Image – this is if you have episode specific images  you are wanting to use.
  • RSS2 Image – again use your album art but keep it at 300 x 300 even though the info on the settings says you can use your iTunes album art. Not the best because 1400 x 1400 is huge and when you view your feed in a rss rendering it will take up your whole screen and force your listeners to have to scroll down a ways before they see your episodes.


Be Yourself! This is actually a node to the previous episode On personal branding and how people can tell a fake. There is an article that is talking about how the rapper Eminem has just rocketed out of the gates with his new album while Lady Gaga’s newest release fizzled and is laying spent in the gutter. The reason is because people don’t really like fake people. There is a quote from the article that sums it up.

“…his instant commercial triumph demonstrates the readiness of a discerning world public to respond to power and passion of voice rather than to manipulative gimmicks or exhibitionistic stunts.” – The Sunday Times

Or in other words if you are authentic and your show displays your passion, people will can not help themselves but be attracted. People like passion, that is what draws them to your show.


Now many people who use iTunes they there is a small flaw with how iTunes is set up. trying to find all of the comments to your show is cumbersome. you have to scroll down to the bottom click the flag and change to another country to see if there are any comments listed. One guy saw this problem and took action and created Comment cast. it took all of the comments and ratings and put them all together in one place so that it was easy to find. Except it was Mac only so us windows users were still left to the hard way of gathering comments. That is till now. The makers of Comment cast are dropping commentcast and starting up a web app called and this is the solution for everybody. you will be able to get your last 25 comments emails to you for free for now, no mater what OS you use.

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