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Monthly Archives: June 2013

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Time to stop standing on the sideline and do somethingAlright I have been slowly picking at this site for a little over a month and a half it is time that I get it up and running. I have decided on the direction and the message and so I will now start using this and another site for my goal.

You ask anybody how to you start podcasting and that answer is usually the same, pick a topic and start recording.  Basically they are right and that is what this site and the following podcast is out to do. Educate and document the my learning of the business of podcasting. I know how to podcast, been doing it for a little over two and half years. The techniques and tips to improve my podcasting skills and hopefully business will help you folks who are wanting to know how to podcast or if there really is money in podcasting.

That leads me to my next commonly asked question. Can you make money from podcasting? Yes and no, is the answer. yes there is money in podcasting when you use it as a tool for your service or product. Podcasting can help your existing business grow and flourish in many amazing ways. you do have to drop some conventional thought and get out of the box of How everyone else does it, before you can really understand the true power of podcasting.

Can you make money strictly from a podcast? That is possible some people do, very very few. It is possible but it is one of those very few rare occurrences and most of the time the people already had an existing audience.


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Podcast in a nutshell
Podcasting your hearing everyone talk about this new thing. So and so has a podcast so and Frank in Accounting is talking about this episode he heard into work this morning. Podcasting is growing. How do people listen to podcasting. What is a podcast?

A podcast is a on demand internet radio show. You download it. You listen to the show. You can pause, rewind, or fast forward all that you like. Best of all it is automatic! It arrives to your computer or mobile device without you having to even really think of it. You will need a few basic items, these are internet connection, a computer, mp3 player, or smart phone, and a podcatcher. If you have these, the retrieving and listening to podcasts will be easy as pie.

So how do you start? First, you need you have a podcatcher installed on your computer or listening device. This will depend on what you are going to listen on. Is it you computer then you will need to download a program or two. For Phones, they are dependent on what phone you are using. This could be an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone; all of these will play podcasts. To find an app for each phone you can look at my podcatcher app review page. Once you have found one that you like go ahead, download and install the app.

Once you have the app installed you may want to take a little time to familiarize yourself with the app since each app, though all do the same thing, is different. Once you have the basic layout of the app you are wanting to use. It is time to find a podcast to listen to.

To do this go to the apps search function. Now what to look for? Easy! What do you like? You like sports? If so what type of sports? Lets say football but yo like college or professional? Lets pretend yo like college and your old Alma mater is University of North Texas. You will find the GoMeanGreen Barbershop Podcast You will more than likely see a Subscribe button. Press the button and you will receive each new podcast episode as they are released. Now this is not the only podcast out there. One of the most popular podcasts around is the Knitting Podcast. Yes knitting, I wouldn’t think there is that much to talk about when it comes to knitting but like I said this is one of the most popular podcasts around. So what is your topic of interest? Type it in and see what comes up. You will be delightfully surprised.

Now I do want to issue a word of caution. In the United States the Mobile Phone Carriers are little slow on the upswing and they have what are called tiered data plans. That means what you are allotted a certain amount of data before they start to charge you more. Other wise if you have a 2 Gigabyte(GB) plan you are able to consume 2Gb of data that is Facebook, email, or in this case Podcast files. So to protect your data allotment I recommend setting the auto download to be only when you are on WiFi connection. I don’t want people to be upset because they are getting charge an extra $200 because they blew threw their 1 gig data plan.

You now have your first podcast. How do yo listen to it? Well you will normally see a list of the different podcasts you see if you click on the picture of the show, This is called album art, you will see a list of episodes. Now you may only have the most recent shows, if you want you can go back, many times to the very first episode and listen to them all. Again make sure you are on a wifi connection if you do this, and you have room on your phone, that can be lots of data. Press on the episode you want to listen to and the show will start.

For a listening on a computer, the easiest is to download and install iTunes. From here you can go into iTunes store and look for podcasts. In this section you can search again for what ever you fancy. These can be knitting, podcasts about podcasting, or go outrageous and look for midget wrestling there are podcasts for just about every genre and niche you can think of. If You find a niche that is not being serviced, talk to me and I can help you get a podcast set up. Who knows, you might be a budding expert.

When you find a podcast you want to listen to you can either listen though iTunes or download it to you computer to listen to there. The choice is yours and it is limitless.

Podcasts again you will be seeing and reading more and more about the new media that died in 2008-2009. More people are listening everyday. More companies are incorporating it into areas everyday pretty soon you will be telling your kids about when there was radio and they will look at you with amazement that is reserved for those way back times.

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