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Monthly Archives: January 2014

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Social Networks are great for building your personal brandWhat is a personal brand

Who are you? what are you wanting to put out as your personal brand or as some call it image? A personal image is important for podcasters on a few different levels. First, it is who you are.You have a certain message you are trying to put out. You do not want some other schmoe coming in and using your name and undo all the hard work you have put into fostering and developing your personal brand.

Also it is who your audience thinks you are. This takes time, patience, and lots and lots of work. Your personal brand should be who you really are. If you try to be someone you are not people will figure out that little detail and then your personal brand will be that you are phony or fake and when you make a recommendation it will not carry nearly as far. In other words to thine own self be true.

Do you need a personal brand?

That is up to you in whether you want to build your personal brand but you should know that your brand is who you are. Your actions will form your image it would be better to cultivate your image to be more of what you aspire your image to be. Now this doesn’t mean if you do a specific character that you have to act like that character. Look at Alison Sweeney. She plays the character Sami Brady on Days of our live. I don’t watch it any more but yes I use to be hooked on the darn show. Anyhow, the character Sami is not a very nice person and at times can be down right evil. Allison has told stories of her walking through the airport or down the street and having a fan of the show walk up to her and slap her. It is not because Alison is a bad person but her character is. So, when you release a podcast episode or you are on another show for an interview, or guest hosting, You want to put out the same person

Ways to build your personal brand.

  • Be real
  • Don’t use a fake voice unless it is a part of your character.
  • Look at your site. Is it a good representation as to who you are? Is the site an extension of who you are? Does it represent you the way you want to be shown.
  • Also Go to the different Social media sites and claim your name. Grab the email addresses. are you going to be able to get them all? no but you will be able to get a good portion.
  • Get your domain! this is the big one it is the best way to ensure your shows name. get the domain for your show. It is easier for your listeners to find your show if they are wanting to see the show notes for a particular episode.

Tip of the Week

Be real. That is the true key to building your brand

Podcast News

Rob Greenlee Announced As New CTO At PodcastOne

Rob has been an advocate for podcasting in the Microsoft world for several years and for the longest time if you wanted to be listed in the Zune market place you sent an email to Rob himself. Well his hard work and dedication to this medium has awarded him a position over at PodcastOne. Which is a Celebrity podcast directory The directory is created by the same people who created WestwoodOne. PodcastOne prides itself in having hand-picked audio podcasts for its line up. to represent the”Best” podcasts. This way they are able to educate advertisers that Podcasts are not amateur hour and that the money what need to be put into podcasts should be a lot higher.

So if you see Rob online Tell him congrats he earned it.

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Podcasters dont need to worry about using feedburnerWhat is Feedburner?

Feedburner is an RSS feed redirector, and rose to popularity as blogging starting becoming popular. Feedburner was a way for people with blogs to get stats on who was reading their posts through a new web service called RSS, or Rich Site Summary. Since with RSS, people were not actually going to the site they are just looking through a news reader or aggregator, Bloggers turned to a service like FeedBurner. Feed Burner would then let bloggers know how many people each day read their posts and get a rough idea as to how many people were subscribed to their blog’s RSS feed.

From There Google bought Feedburner in 2007 and  added podcasting tags to the line up and the service started being used by podcasters to find out how many listeners the podcast hosts could possibly have and what countries was it most popular in. The service was good for podcasters because one they didn’t have to find a way to enter the needed iTunes tags into their RSS stream before Pod press and Power Press came onto the scene. Feedburner would do that automagicly and all you did was direct your RSS feed to Feedburner and it would give you a new RSS feed that you would share with the world.

What are uses for Feedburner

These days Feedburner is still used by bloggers and many podcasters. Not just new guys but good deal of the original podcasters use Feedburner for a clue as to how their shows fair and for the ability to change their feed url without loosing their audience. Which Feedburner is a good service to utilize if you are using a free service like, Blogger, tumblr, or some other blogging platform.

Feedburner is commonly used for blogging and podcasting subscription stats. A podcaster can find out from what countries people are listening. If you use a free platform Feedburner allows you to put in the iTunes RSS tags needed for your show to be in iTunes. What Rss Client your listeners are using allows you to customize the feed with some extra tags like geo tags or making your feed readable in a browser. You can edit the description of feed. There are lots of customizing options you can do inside of feedburner

That is all great so why is it not recommended that podcasters use Feedburner if it does all that and more? The answer to that is Google. Now, yes Google does provide great services and then they also use to provide great services but recently  they have started closing many different popular services that were not making any money. With Google being a company that is their primary objective, but none the less Google has grabbed peoples attention by closing some very popular services. The big one that happened with in the year is Google reader. This was Google solution to the RSS aggregators. When Google started up the Reader service it killed, and some would argue all, the RSS reader programs that were available to download. Many adjusted by just tying onto Google reader and let Google do all the heavy lifting. Then in 2013 there was a shock through the Podcasting community because the main way most bloggers and podcasters got their news for their specific niche was through Google reader. This was very sudden and out of the blue.

This got people to look for why and the reason were also lining up with Feedburner. It hasn’t been updated in a while. many of the support services have been close Feedburner Japan lost its domain, and listening to a particular camp Google was going to shut Feedburner down in a couple of months . Well At the time of this release Feedburner is still up and running. Will it close? Possible it really is not making any money for Google, but I would argue a that close to half if not more of the blogging community still is tied to feedburner for subscription stats. Yet, Google did enable there to be permanent redirects for you feedburner feed. Which means they may be closing it soon. Maybe…

Should podcasters use FeedBurner?

That depends, are you going the free route?If so then yes because you might have to change your RSS feed a few times if you decide to invest in your show by purchasing a domain or you change platforms. If you have your own domain and you want maybe a little different view of your subscribers then ok know that there is an out if they do close the doors.

But personally I would not recommend it.because it is just to unknown why deal with the uncertainty of a service you really do not need. There are podcasting stats that will give you more information about your listeners, and a few are free or cost very little. For tagging your feed Blubrry’ s PowerPress has everything covered. The only thing Feedburner is really good for now a days is the RSS redirect, and if you have the other items you really don’t need the redirect.

What to do if you are using feedburner and you want to get out?

Close the Account and this will create a redirect to your real RSS feed. Yet, this will only work for those checking the site so iTunes should update their feed but what if you have listeners who use a different podcaster? This is the argument for having a mailing list. SO that if something happens then you can help your podcast listeners out by telling them that your feed address has changed and they need to update that feed.

Also you want to set up the iTunes redirect in Powerpress just as a Cover your Tail move Since most of your listeners come from the iTunes Directory. In the Admin section of your WordPress Site go to PowerPress and choose the Settings, and in Setting chose the iTunes Tab here you will see

“Set iTunes New Feed URL”

Here you will get a big scary warning. Now this warning should be heard and fully understood. cause if you do mess up you will basically loose all of your audience.  After accepting the warning you will have a space you can enter your Feed URL which it should be

If you are not sure what your feed is then go to the feed tab and you will see your special podcast only feed and copy the url and paste it into the iTunes New Feed URL. Save and you are pretty much set after you let your listeners know and I would also as another level of cover the ol’ posterior by making a blog post too, that way if you have someone who doesn’t read emails wills till be able to get the information.

Tip of the Week

If you are starting a podcast and you are wanting to know how many people are “listening” Use Blubrry if you are using a media host other than Libsyn you get your basic information for free and if you want deeper details then it is only $5 a month. If you have some type of aversion to BluBrry then you can also use Podtrac though I don’t feel their information is as detailed as Blubrry.


More celebrities getting into podcasting Ice T is starting a show called Ice-T: Final Level  Ice T Is producing a  bi-Monthly show with a friend of his. He will be doing what celebrities can do and talk in general formats, or not have a show about hip-hop it will be a show about News Stories, Video Games, Politics and other generalities.

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The truth of successIt is the beginning of a new year!

Yippee, and you are wanting to start or freshen up your podcast. What are some things you can do to have a good year with your show? Are you wanting to grow your show, or do something big? Great! But, how are you going to do that? What steps are you needing to take to make it to that objective.

There is a saying that a goal is a dream with a deadline, and what better time to set the deadline than for each quarter of this year? Yes, I am talk about goal setting. If you don’t have a plan you’re not going to go anywhere. You do not go out of the house with out some sort of plan. You know that you have to go grab a jug of milk. To do that you have to set up a plan. This plan can be elaborate or simple but you will set up a plan of go to the store, What store? The IGA and I will grab a Jug of milk. What size jug? half Gallon Ok and what brand? I am cheep, so it will be the IGA brand. With that we have our plan basically laid out. So how is buying milk like a podcast? You want a plan or set goals.

Yes, everyone is talking about goals and new years resolutions. These are good ways to set up a goal that will position you to succeed and then there are the not so good ways that yeah ou might succeed and you might not. The key is to have a plan with your podcast and with that you will at least have a foundation for your show to grow with this year.

The plans key points

When making your goals you want to keep in mind that the goal needs some specific details.

Measurable Markers.

Your goal for the show needs to have markers in it so you can measure how well you are doing. Say for example you are wanting to grow your audience. Well great, by how much? 500 listeners, 50 listeners, 5 listeners? Don’t just say I want to grow your audience put a number on that bad boy so you will know if how close you are to your goal. This can also be a Yes or No. I will buy a 2 new microphones for the podcast. At the end of the period you can look back and see whether you did that goal or not

Challenge yourself

Now you can go easy with the goals you want to set, but why set the bar low? for your self-esteem? So you can sit back and say that was easy. Why not aim a little higher. Don’t worry if you fail failing is just that you found your limit and now you can push beyond that limit. The high jumper doesn’t get better by clearing the lowest post. nope he tries to clear the height that he fails at, and he then has  a new goal to try to

You have your number whether it is

Give it a dead line

Some Ideas

make a social media plan

set up a meet up

talk to 25 of your audience members

Learn to talk about your show better


There is a new service out there that you want to keep your eye on. not because it is good for you but because it is truly stealing your content and trying to make money off of your content. The company is Filmon but I will not link to it. Jefferey Powers of Geekazine and Rob Walsh of Podcast411 were talking about these low lifes. and I personally think that they should be sued out of existence. No permission was asked to use the content and they are charging for free content, that they didn’t create.

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