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Monthly Archives: March 2014

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This is a continuation of last weeks episode

iTunes and feedburnerSetting up FeedBurner

When you go to Feedburner. You choose Edit feed Details just under the title of your Feed.

Here you will choose the Smartcast tab on the left hand side. This will open the Podcasting options you are going to need to edit.

  • Create podcast enclosures from links to – Here choose according to the type of podcast you are creating if video you can choose Video Files only if you are only doing an audio podcast the you may choose to select the Audio Files only  if you are doing both then again you might want to choose the Any Rich Media File
  • Include iTunes podcasting elements – Check this or it just wont work right.
  • Category – They allow up to 5 different categories but again choose the proper category if  you are about Child Raiding you want family &Kids not Podcasting
  • Podcast image location – This is te URL for your 1400 x 1400 pixel image for your art work. You want it to be that big because iTunes will only accept new and noteworthy if there is a 1400 x 1400 image
  • Podcast subtitle – again this is your Tag line you can put a few keywords here
  • Podcast summary – Keyword city! as long as it doesn’t become too spammy.
  • Podcast search keywords – Go crazy there is no maximum that they state but make them relevant.
  • Podcast author email address – Again enter your email address
  • Include “Media RSS” information and add podcast to Yahoo! Search – Check this it can not hurt to have your media files place in another search engine.
  • Contains explicit content –  If you use harsh language then yes. If you make it an effort to be family friendly then choose clean. Choose “No” if it is going to be PG-13
  • Copyright Message – Enter you copyright information like 2014
  • Podcast Author – what is your name?

The little we know about Apple and how they actually rank the shows. For obvious reasons they are not going to tell us how they rank the shows but at the same time Apple could let us in on some of how they so their iSEO. But most people have gathered there are at least 4 key points to the rankings of the show in the results

  • Downloads –  the person with the most downloads is at the top
  • Keywords – The most matching keywords is at the top
  • Reviews – The most reviews with the highest ratings are listed the highest.
  • Subscribers – The person with the most subscribers get a higher ranking

If we look at “Learn to podcast” Search term You get a whole bunch of podcasts that are teaching you something but sprinkled through out there are The School of Podcasting in position 16. Then Podcast Quick tips is at 46, and Podcast Dojo with it being a new show in the line up is sitting at 104. If you search of Podcast Dojo I show up in the 25th spot  behind Didgeridoo Dojo, and Leadership Dojo. If you look Didgeridoo Dojo, you notice they haven’t released a show since January of 2012 and yet they are still at the top of their ranking for the Dojo Keyword. That is because of the number of subscribers and downloads . They put out pretty good content and I even listened to the show just because it is a cool instrument. Yet there is only one review for the show. There are more downloads because his show is has been out long than Podcast Dojo then he surely has more subscribers also. Some people may be holding on just to see if he puts out another show.


Personal Audio Update

The EFF was successful in smashing the request that Personal Audio LLC made for the Donor list for the Save Podcasting fund. The Judge on the hearing took hardly anytime to some to the conclusion of no Personal Audio could not have Electronic Frontier Foundation’s donor list.

Blubrry now has an affiliate program

Like all things Blubrry they are doing it a little different. Their program has the ability of producing residual income through out the year. There are also other programs that are coming down the pipe so it looks like Blubrry is up to some good things. Podcast Dojo’s is still in the application period so the link will be available soon.

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