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Monthly Archives: September 2014

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The Podcast addict podcatcher app for androidWe are still looking for the best podcast manager a beginner could use that would prove to be easy for them to learn how to use and make downloading the podcasts they listen to eay. I find myself looking at an app through the eyes of a person who is subscribed to almost 100 different shows. Now granted many of the shows I am subscribed to have pod faded but still it makes finding a Podcatcher very challenging. I look for an app that downloads automatically so I don’t have to think about it. I want my shows to, just be there. I believe that many new podcast users want that same convenience. I would like to be able to easily manage my shows so that they are in what ever playlist I choose.

Podcast Addict is a solid podcast player but it is not easy to use. you have Categories and they are the categories that the show is found under. You can put shows under different categories if you choose. This is good especially when you consume lots of podcasts.

You are able to get auto-download and configure many key points.For example, you can only download over wifi orif you want to stream your podcast you can do that only over wifi too. Though I was not able to get the Podcast Addict to auto download the three test shows I used. Now that could be because there was no “New” episode to download. The download was good. The playback sound was as expected.

A great little feature that I was able to find was that you can search through the iTunes catalog of podcasts and retrieve all of the popular shows. because many time many of the big celebrities don’t realize that there are people who don’t use iPhones and that podcasts are consumed else where than in the iOS ecosystem. Not many, but a few.  This Podcast manager allows for android users to expand their field of shows.

Many podcast managers these days offer the ability to automatically clean up any listen to shows after you have taken in all the great information they share. Podcast Addict is no different. You can actually set it to delete shows you have listen to unless they are marked as favorite. because there is always those couple of shows that you have to share with all of your friends at nauseum

There is one big draw back and that is in the area of play lists. There is a play list but there is only one though this will work for a new podcast user, but for an avid podcast consumer You are not able to break the podcasts into different play only have the one and you can rearrange the list so you have your favorites first but I like to listen to one play list that is centered aroudn a spacific topic at a time.

This podcatcher is good, but it could be a little easier to use. some of the features are not as straight forward as they could be while some features are very welcome. Not a bad podcast mamager for the field of free.

Download Podcast Addict

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DoggCatcher is General Podcatcher and News aggregator for Android

When it comes to podcast managers there are several around. One you don’t hear much about is the Podcatcher known as Doggcatcher. This is a premium app for the android phones. One of the reasons I started using Doggcatcher is because I was having problems with my main podcast manager. So, I started looking around I had heard people mention DoggCatcher a few times and wondered how well it works.

I first tried the out my podcast and checked out to see how everything works I was able to download and play so I downloaded and played one of the shows that I was having problems with, and it worked, Great! So off I went assuming that this podcatcher worked like my old one. My first lesson in changing over podcasts. Then found out that you can’t just migrate over shows in to Doggcatcher and expect them to be in order. I knew this but was not fully ready for the number of hoops I was going to have to jump through just to get my shows in the order i wanted to have them play.

What I was expecting to do, was setup some type of category or playlist and add my shows to that playlist and the podcast manager would take over and automatically add the episodes to the list in the order of oldest to newest and away I would go!

Not quite that easy. Especially if your are in the truck driving profession, like I am currently. The biggest issue I have with Doggcatcher is that there are a few extra steps that I was not aware of, till I had to figure out the problem while driving down the road. Let it be known that trying to figure out why your shows are not playing in the assigned category is not easy, especially when you are driving. Yet, when I was able to find a place to stop and look I found out that you have to add all of the podcasts shows to a category, and then add those categories to a playlist. After that, any shows that were already downloaded didn’t automatically get added to the playlist, so you have to add those orphaned shows to a list. Big pain in the tail

These extra steps and hoops I find to be a bit of a problem for the new podcast listener. These are the people who are hearing the word podcast and have decided to see what the hubbub is all about. Using something like Doggcatcher is going to prove to be a  little too challenging for some new people who will give up because of the difficulty of getting the shows to play the way that they want.

 The Good aspects of DoggCatcher

OPML – If you are a big enough podcast listener you know about OPML files. These are files that are great if you consume lots of podcasts it is basically a bookmark page of all the podcast RSS feeds you listen to, and DoggCatcher allows for the import and export of these OPML files trust me it helps

Plays all mp3 files – I have a few feeds that I thought had pod faded but come to find out they haven’t. Great!

Chromecast – If you are a fan of Chromecast, Doggcatcher has the ability to stream your podcasts to your television.

The Bad aspects of DoggCatcher

The steps to take to set up your shows you are subscribed is challenging  to say the least. The multiple steps to setup your shows so that they will be played according to the category you have chosen.

The verdict of Doggcatcher

Great app but not for the beginning listener. It could be a bit of a frustration and cause new listeners to give up on listening to podcasts.

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Juice the Podcast ManagerMany of the old school podcast listeners know of this Podcast manager. Juice is the podcather you used, if you didn’t want to have to wait for the colossal download that was, and still is, iTunes. You could download this program in no time flat with it only being 6.3 MB in size instead of dialing in, yes some of us still were dialing in for a while, and downloading iTunes all night long.

So if this program is so old that it was around during dial-up days why review it now? That is ’cause it  still works. Juice is a podcast aggregator, and that is what it does well. Though the app has not been updated since April of 2013, it still holds up, though the design is a bit dated.

The Features of Juice


Juice is Open source so you can download and use it for free under the GPL
Juice is not just english it supports more than 15 languages
Juice is designed to manage podcasts
Juice has a built-in directory so if you are new you will not have to go very far to find your first podcast to listen to.
Juice has auto cleanup, so once you listen to an episode of your favorite show it will be deleted instantly. that way you are not clogging your hard drives up with old shows.
Juice has centralized feed management so you can subscribe or unsubscribe to podcasts without having to do any technical acrobatics.
Juice is accessible for blind and visually impaired users now this feature is only for the windows version but the developers of Juice care that much.

Though this podcast manager doesn’t have much in the way of extra features it does do what it meant. Juice allows for you to download and play podcasts is it the best for a beginner? There are other podcasts managers that can do this better and are easier to use.

Download Juice


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You can synce your podcasts with DropboxSay you are wanting to listen to podcasts at work but you don’t want to have to copy and sort through all of the podcasts you listen to, or for another reason you need to have some podcasts episodes that are automatically uploaded to dropbox after they are downloaded.

You can do this with iTunes and a small add-on called Dropbox Folder Sync

First download  Dropbox Folder sync

This add on will help in linking your podcast download folder to  your Dropbox folder. Just click the orange “Download” button on the left download and install. Once installed, go to your iTunes podcast folder this is normally

C:\Users\<user name>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Podcasts\

Right click on the Podcasts folder and you will see the option “Dropbox Folder Sync” choose “Sync with Dropbox” and all the podcasts in that folder will be synced to Dropbox.

Now if you don’t want all the folders listed in the Podcasts folder. Then instead of selecting the podcasts folder just choose the shows you want synced and right click go to “Dropbox Folder Sync” and choose “Sync with Dropbox”. Then every time you grab new shows, Your dropbox will be updated and they will be dropped when you remove them.

That should get you going without having to go search for the shows again and try to sync your shows if you do not use the iPhone Podcasts app.

Remember this is for being able to consume podcasts don’t try to use Dropbox or Google Drive or any other cloud storage as your media server.

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