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Wanna know about podcasting? Want to find out if podcasting is good for your business? If it is, how do you start podcasting?

The Podcast Dojo is a podcast and blog about podcasting. We cover technology, equipment, technique, Common problems, and pitfalls of starting and running a podcast. I also cover podcasting news and information in an open and transparent point of view. To podcast like a master you have to podcast with passion and conviction of a sense of purpose. And to do those you want to try to make it successful as quickly as possible, know that many times the easy way is the wrong way. Unless you have a guide who has transverse the field multiple times.

Photo of Bryan GoodwinI am your host Bryan. I have started several podcasts some of which have podfaded and others that are still growing. Understanding the patients of growing an audience is key to not getting too discouraged. I will help you to understand where to look. How to steadily grow your audience to be the most dedicated people for your company or show. You can have the cheerleaders you only dream of.

I discovered podcasting back in 2005. I heard this term and was in tech support and so I started looking, and I found and listened to several podcasts including Leo Leporte. I listened for quite a while and then the ability listen faded a bit as I changed jobs and wasn’t behind a computer the whole time.

In 2008 I found out that Keven Smith was on twitter. I followed his tweets from time to time, and noticed in 2010 he kept talking about this thing called Smodcastle. I was intrigued and looked it up online and it was a podcast theater! Wow! Kevin Smith was podcasting! Looked it up and found Smodcast! Grabbed every episode he and Scott Mosier had Then realized I needed to have something to listen on so I could consume all of these podcast episodes. I went ahead and purchased an 3rd gen iPod and the doors opened again to the world of podcasting. There was so much for me to listen to, and listen I did. I found what I like, and I found a lot of what I don’t like.

Then one day listening to Smodcast on my way to Louisiana, I heard Kevin talk about how he started podcasting, and what he was using. Yeah, the equipment he had, was high. Higher dollar than what I could afford, but there were alternatives. I started looking around, and found; I could start podcasting for next to nothing. Free, if you were dedicated and wanted to sacrifice quality. So, I was hooked. Started That father son talk, it was a weak attempt at comedy with my son and also started The Hayseed Report in 2011. From there I tried a few other podcasts, including one with Jana.

I have learned a lot. I know, I have more to learn, but as I learn I want to share the cool discoveries with you. This blog and podcast is also a means for me to document the way I monetize a podcast and direct the show and blog in to a money making business. So follow me on the journey to make a great show.

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