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There are so many different ways to contact Bryan through Podcast Dojo.

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Email: Bryan@podcastdojo.comPhone: (530)763-2789
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8 Responses to Contact us

  • Just discovered your podcast and have listened to the 5 most recent. I like it. I just downloaded the rest of your episodes to I can binge-listen. Started my podcast 9-29-14, and am having a blast. Have been using a Blogger site, but am in the process of building a WordPress site right now. Hosting at Libsyn, and they will continue to do all the distribution. Won’t be using PowerPress.
    Again, great show. Subscribed.

    • Oh Man Awesome! Thank you for the heads up and What was your decision on not using PowerPress? You can leave distribution with Libsyn there are great are great advantages to that, but PowerPress also allows for the different subscribing options you see on the side of the page. Would love to hear your thoughts.

      • My WordPress site is going to be mainly for everything I do. All Daggers Of The Mind episodes, YouTube content, blog posts, etc. Would like to keep it light and fast. Totally happy with Libsyn. My podcast only site will remain and will be auto updated by Libsyn. I want to do a lot of in person interviews on YouTube while leaving the podcast intact as it is. Maybe when I retire, another scheduled podcast will be in the offing. In the mean time, I can build my interviewing skills on a less regimented basis.

        • Why send your audience to two different places? When you say your podcast site are you talking about the site that is generated by Libsyn? IF that is the case I can understand you not wanting to have double content and get a nasty hickey from Google. Yet, I would encourage you to find a way to bring your podcast content over to your WordPress site also. That way you are not sending your audience one a quest to find all of your content.

          Your WordPress site is, I assume, all things Daggers Of The Mind, and the second set of altered show notes would help bring some of your readers over and become listeners, and vice versa. But I do understand the level of work that would entail.

          Also I forgot to ask on the previous reply, what about the WordPress experience do you not like? If you are having problems with your wordpress site I can help you out if need be.

  • Oh, the icons. Love the look of yours, but my theme has all the social icons I need, just looking for subscription icons. Already have a big iTunes button. Need Stitcher, Tune In, and a big fat RSS button. Just haven’t had time to look with my daughter’s surgery this morning. Everything is fine, BTW.

    • Thanks you, Just did a search for Wooden Icon sets and found a huge file full on a site. Many sites I have never heard of. If you have any money left after the hospital takes its share you might look at Social Subscribe and Follow Daniels Plugin is pretty nice from what I have seen. If the funds are low then you might do a search for the icon you are needing. Like “iTunes Logo icon” or big shiney RSS button. Though, you might get a remnant from the old MySpace Days.

      Funny side note I have listened to your show before. Just dawned on me that you are that Daggers of the Mind Podcast. Awesome idea for a show. I forget who I heard mention you might of been Dave jackson or maybe The Feed, but Listened to a couple of shows and and I just don’t have the time to add a new show to my queue I currently subscribed to 119 podcasts. Yeah, I have a problem just haven’t gotten around to doing the steps yet. Anyhow, Keep rocking your show!

      Good to hear baby girl is doing good, and I am glad everything is fine.

      • Thanks for checking out the show, one of the virtues of the format is that there is no end to the material for new shows. Last night I found a plugin called Mango Buttons. Simple, colorful buttons you build yourself and put anywhere on your site. It is not finished by any stretch of the imagination, but if you want to see them, (you can’t miss them) go to and take a look. I left the .com intact and obtained the .net for the new site. I think I’ll leave them that way.
        Thanks again for the interaction. That is what grows your show one listener at a time.

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