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The Mission of Podcast Dojo is to help inspire and evangelize the new media format known as podcasting. Our aim is to serve the public in an open and transparent way. The goal of enlightening those interested in podcasting or podcasts in general, though honesty integrity, relationships, and humor, is what Podcast Dojo strives to accomplish everyday. Podcast Dojo wants inspire those interested in creating podcasts of their own, to take the first step. To build their own community of excited and engaging listeners, though techniques learned from the golden rule, and from other podcasting masters.


2 Responses to Mission Statement

  • Excited to find your podcast – since I decided I wanted to do a podcast, I have been searching and researching and recently I have felt analysis paralysis! I have made many preparations and think I am on the right track. Today your podcast about equipment answered a lot of questions. The one on planning confirmed I have been on the right track. I am excited about listening to more.

    You asked for critique: there were a few long pauses (not abnormal for face to face ) but it took long enough that I checked my phone to see of I had accidentally hit the stop button.

    I plan to search your list to see if you have done one on how to monetize. I currently plan to sell my Ebooks (when completed), to have affiliates, to review books/podcasts, do interviews, and have advertisers – do you know of any advertisers providers that adhere to moral standards?

    • First Excellent on the start of your show. Glad I was able to help in giving that nudge. Keep everyone updated on when you release your show. would love to have a listen and share your show with my audience.

      Thank you for the feedback. I will keep a closer eye on my pauses and they are easy to “fix” if they do happen.

      About the Monetization, No I haven’t made a show about that topic, yet. That is because I haven’t gone down that alley but I do have theories that I will state in a future episode. This podcast is in a way a journal for how I get from a new show to a profitable one. Now I have run into a problem in that I don’t release episodes as often as I feel I should but I am still working on a solution to that.

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