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There has been a problem that Android users have suffered from since Android’s start. That problem being to quote Rob Walsh, “Google is not a podcasters Friend”. That is because Google doesn’t make it easy for podcast listeners to subscribe.

Normally a podcast listener on Android opens their podcatcher of their choice searcher for the podcast show they are interested in subscribing to. If they are not able to find it because of whatever reason. Then they have to do the multi-step trial of patients. Most podcast listeners give up before they even try these following steps. This is one of the reasons I do believe Google has failed their platform and not even tried to rectify the issue. This could also be the reason why listening to podcasts is predominantly Apples field and not more Android listeners.

The Traditional Steps were

  1. Find the website for the show
  2. Look to see if the RSS feed link is visible on the front page. If not, then the podcast listener may keep looking around till they find the rss feed’s address
  3. Once they have the RSS feeds address, the listener then copies the URL and pastes it into their Podcast manager.
Google is not a Podcasters Friend - @podcast411 Click To Tweet

These are way too many steps. The incredibly smart guys over at Blubrry have come up with a solution, and this solution is pretty innovative. The folks over at Blubrry have created the necessary protocols for podcast manager developers to add to their apps for the simple one click Subscribe  on Android.

What it means for the Podcast Listener

How it works is easy. If your podcast player supports the Subscribe on Android, and you come across a podcast that has either the Subscribe on Android logo or uses the PowerPress WordPress plugin then when you click on the link, the podcast show will instantly subscribe in your podcatcher. Cuts out the hard work, by making it easier for you, the listener to subscribe to a show.

What it means for the Podcast Producer

Podcast Producers how you can help is by going to and place your shows RSS Feed Url into the textbox press the “Subscribe on Android” button. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see Embed. Place that logo somewhere on your site, preferably in the same area as your other subscription buttons.. Even if you already use PowerPress. This will help the podcast listeners know that the podcast community is trying to help them by making it easier to consume podcasts.

Who supports the Subscribe on Android

As of the 10th of April  Podcast Addict Version 3 is the only app that has the needed protocols but more will follow.

If you are a podcast manager developer

Then Subscribe on Android has the needed information for your app development so you can easily implement it into your app and help your listeners not have to work so hard. That information can be found under the For Developers section they lay out all of the needed details and by the looks of it it is only about 10 lines of code.

So give the guys over at Blubrry a big thank you! by using the Click to Tweet link below.

Thank you @Blubrry for the Subscribe on Android! #NeededTHis Click To Tweet
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Find out what podcast host is the best for youI am gathering a list of podcast hosting providers to use is a podcast hosting review. If any of you good readers know of one that is not listed here please let me know and I will add it to the list and when I think we have enough I will post my thoughts and the results.

The route I am looking at taking is talking to each hosting provider, if I can and get their side of the story and then look at the a set list of criteria and  grade each one and the person with the highest score wins.

Now will this actually work in the style I am thinking? I really do not know and just my first attempt to thin out the growing confusion of new hosting providers that are cropping up now that podcasting is getting more and more popular.\

What are some of the tests that will be used?

  • hosting price
  • download speeds
  • Do they compress the file?
  • Do they change the art work?
  • Does the hosting service change the ID3 tags
  • How much space do you get?
  • Can you migrate your feed from the hosting service?
  • do they batch upload?
  • How much does it cost to batch upload?
  • Use of Byte Range Request

Who is in the shootout as of now…

[challonge url=”podcasthost”]

BluBrryhttp://www.blubrry.comRan by Rawvoice
Libsynhttp://libsyn.comOne of the originals
FirePypehttp://firepype.comNew kid on the block
SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.comMent for musicians but...
Spreakerhttp://www.spreaker.comTeamed up with iHeartRadio
BlogTalkRadiohttp://www.blogtalkradio.comLovingly despised by the podcasting community.
Audiometric pay you!
Self hostedon shaky ground
Amazon S3
TalkShoehttp://www.talkshoe.comTalking using your phone
Simplecast.fmhttps://simplecast.fmYou have to pay but...
My Podcast Worldhttp://mypodcastworld.comOn an Amazon service.
Google Drive use
Onedrive Use
Dropbox outside the box?
Audiomackhttp://www.audiomack.comAnother new kid on the block
Mixcloudhttps://www.mixcloud.comAre they mixing it up?

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Time to stop standing on the sideline and do somethingAlright I have been slowly picking at this site for a little over a month and a half it is time that I get it up and running. I have decided on the direction and the message and so I will now start using this and another site for my goal.

You ask anybody how to you start podcasting and that answer is usually the same, pick a topic and start recording.  Basically they are right and that is what this site and the following podcast is out to do. Educate and document the my learning of the business of podcasting. I know how to podcast, been doing it for a little over two and half years. The techniques and tips to improve my podcasting skills and hopefully business will help you folks who are wanting to know how to podcast or if there really is money in podcasting.

That leads me to my next commonly asked question. Can you make money from podcasting? Yes and no, is the answer. yes there is money in podcasting when you use it as a tool for your service or product. Podcasting can help your existing business grow and flourish in many amazing ways. you do have to drop some conventional thought and get out of the box of How everyone else does it, before you can really understand the true power of podcasting.

Can you make money strictly from a podcast? That is possible some people do, very very few. It is possible but it is one of those very few rare occurrences and most of the time the people already had an existing audience.


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