Miro the open sourced Podcatcher

Miro - The open source podcast player and directory. Good directory if you are a podcaster looking for a place to list your show. The program itself is easy to navigate and has good support. You do want to read each install screen because it will install AVG if you just click Next. This is not bad program but can at times cause problems if you have other antivirus’ installed on your system.

Adding Podcasts are easy but the search bar for podcasts can be little hard to find. There is a different bar for the podcasts you have subscribed to and one that you search the directory for new shows. Adding podcast feeds is easy so that is a plus.

Great program no mobile support as of yet hope they do so soon.

Price: Free


Podcast player that is designed for video podcasts but also allows for audio only podcasts. Runs on Windows Linux and Mac
Miro Player
Date Published: 11/03/2013
Price: Free Good Open source podcast player that has support for audio and video formats. The install is easy you will want to so a customer install unless you want to have AVG antivirus installed. Then you need to choose what file formats you want Miro to be made default. Once that is done then the install is pretty easy and free flowing. Good Program easy to use lots of sources.
3 / 5 stars

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