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The truth of successIt is the beginning of a new year!

Yippee, and you are wanting to start or freshen up your podcast. What are some things you can do to have a good year with your show? Are you wanting to grow your show, or do something big? Great! But, how are you going to do that? What steps are you needing to take to make it to that objective.

There is a saying that a goal is a dream with a deadline, and what better time to set the deadline than for each quarter of this year? Yes, I am talk about goal setting. If you don’t have a plan you’re not going to go anywhere. You do not go out of the house with out some sort of plan. You know that you have to go grab a jug of milk. To do that you have to set up a plan. This plan can be elaborate or simple but you will set up a plan of go to the store, What store? The IGA and I will grab a Jug of milk. What size jug? half Gallon Ok and what brand? I am cheep, so it will be the IGA brand. With that we have our plan basically laid out. So how is buying milk like a podcast? You want a plan or set goals.

Yes, everyone is talking about goals and new years resolutions. These are good ways to set up a goal that will position you to succeed and then there are the not so good ways that yeah ou might succeed and you might not. The key is to have a plan with your podcast and with that you will at least have a foundation for your show to grow with this year.

The plans key points

When making your goals you want to keep in mind that the goal needs some specific details.

Measurable Markers.

Your goal for the show needs to have markers in it so you can measure how well you are doing. Say for example you are wanting to grow your audience. Well great, by how much? 500 listeners, 50 listeners, 5 listeners? Don’t just say I want to grow your audience put a number on that bad boy so you will know if how close you are to your goal. This can also be a Yes or No. I will buy a 2 new microphones for the podcast. At the end of the period you can look back and see whether you did that goal or not

Challenge yourself

Now you can go easy with the goals you want to set, but why set the bar low? for your self-esteem? So you can sit back and say that was easy. Why not aim a little higher. Don’t worry if you fail failing is just that you found your limit and now you can push beyond that limit. The high jumper doesn’t get better by clearing the lowest post. nope he tries to clear the height that he fails at, and he then has  a new goal to try to

You have your number whether it is

Give it a dead line

Some Ideas

make a social media plan

set up a meet up

talk to 25 of your audience members

Learn to talk about your show better


There is a new service out there that you want to keep your eye on. not because it is good for you but because it is truly stealing your content and trying to make money off of your content. The company is Filmon but I will not link to it. Jefferey Powers of Geekazine and Rob Walsh of Podcast411 were talking about these low lifes. and I personally think that they should be sued out of existence. No permission was asked to use the content and they are charging for free content, that they didn’t create.

Bryan Goodwin

Podcast Evangelist at Podcast Dojo
Podcasting is the passion that gets me out of bed in the morning. Helping people to find their passion and cheer the podcasting community on as podcasting grows more and more each day

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