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podcatchers and podcasting managers for your listening pleasureThe following is a list of podcasts manager or podcatchers these are programs designed to find and subscribe to podcasts. They also automatically download each new podcast episode as they become available.

Podcatchers for Computer

  • iTunes – This is still the top method for listening to podcasts on a computer. It is a good way to manager your podcasts and to listen to them
  • Miro: An integrated video player with podcatcher capabilities (cross-platform for: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) (Download) (Review)
  • Juice: A cross-platform podcatcher for: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) (Download) (Review)
  • Firenze: open-source, cross-platform, command line podcast client (written in java) highly configurable with support for conversion, conditional download and mp3 tags. (Review)
  • Fluctu8: An online audio and video podcast aggregator featuring hundreds of thousands of podcasts. Includes integrated web player and easy integration with external podcasting and RSS software such as iTunes.
  • Podfy: A cloud based podcast player that works in all platforms and devices. (Seems to of gone dark)
  • HermesPod: The Tiny but Mighty desktop Podcatcher (Review)
  • ShortOrange – Brand new use to be a directory but they are changing directions This group is not growing in their directory. They have updated the site and added a fresh new layout. Mobile friendly with a responsive design so you will be able to keep you podcast enjoyment going no mater if you are in front of the computer or riding in city traffic. Also if you are a user of their service and let them know your show will be featured. Now there is some help and discoverability for the podcaster. (Review)
  • Uhura – Is a web-based Podcatcher  where you sign in and you can stream your shows to your desktop or your mobile device. (Review)
  • Ziepod – manage audio-based content published thru podcasts with this easy to use toolkit.

Podcatchers for iPhone

  • Podcasts – Possibly the best app for iOS based devices. if you have iOS 6 it is already on your phone or iPod It allows for syncing the show you are listening to across multiple devices. So if you are listening on your desktop and you get in the can you will be able to pick up where you left off on your iPhone and when you get back home you can finish it on your iPad. Created by Apple. It links to the largest podcast directory on the net. The iTunes podcast directory
  • Pocket Casts – ShiftyJelly – $1.99 – This is best across platform podcatcher I have used. It is not free though it is worth the couple of dollars it costs the layout is beautiful
  • iTunes – if you have an older iOS device you may not have iOS6 so you can use the iTunes store and look for podcasts
  • Downcast$1.99 This is likely the most popular app for iOS based devices. Feature rich with  the ability to sync and
  • Flapcast
  • Instacast
  • Megaboga Casts –
  • Podcaster –
  • Podcatcher –
  • PodCruncher –
  • RSSRadio –
  • Podcatchr –
  • Overcast
  • ShortOrange
  • iCatcher! Podcast$2.99

Podcatchers for Android

  • PODFY – Cloud Podcast Player – Podfy is a cloud player that synchronizes your playlists and played items across all devices (phones, tables or PCs) (PODFY – Cloud Podcast Player on Google Play ($2.95)).
  • Cast++ – A powerful and easy-to-use podcast player for Android. Instantly update the feeds of your podcast subscriptions by their cloud. (Review)
  • AntennaPod – A free, open-source podcast manager for Android, licensed under the MIT License. (Review)
  • BeyondPod – A podcast Manager and RSS Feed Reader for Android Phones. Syncs with Google Reader and uses a built in media player. This is the free lite version. (Review)
  • DoggCatcher ($2.99) (Free) – Android podcatcher – supports audio/video/news, auto-download, streaming, integrated audio player, playlists. (Review)
  • Pocket Casts ($3.99)- Versatile podcatcher for Android with support of audio and video episodes with downloading or streaming, and auto-download in the background. (Review)
  • Podkicker – A podcast player/downloader/manager for Android. Supports audio. (Review)
  • MyPOD – A podcast manager & player, supports audio/video, auto-download (wifi and power controllable), podcast management on the desktop via a browser interface.
  • SwallowCatcher – A free, open-source podcast manager released under GNU Affero General Public License.
  • Podcast Addict – A free podcast manager for Android that supports auto-download, streaming, playlist, resume.
  • Podstars – A free podcatcher for Android. Basic playback features. OPML support
  • Onecast – Free podcast manager and player
  • iNetRadio – Free music and podcast player
  • Podcatcher Deluxe – A full-featured audio and video podcast client designed to manage your podcast content whilst on the go
  • Podcast Addict – With Podcast Addict, your audio & video Podcasts as well as your YouTube channels and RSS News feeds from your Android device. (Review)
  • Podcast Republic
  • DoublePod
  • Podcast HD
  • Smart Podcast
  • OneCast
  • Podfy –
  • PodStore
  • ACast – Podcast player and news reader – Abandoned app hasn’t been updated since 2011. (Review)
  • acast – Acast is a game-changer for audio on demand. It enhances podcasts with “bling” – fresh, exciting content that upgrades the listening experience and makes good stories great. (Review)


24 Responses to Recomended Podcast Managers or Podcatchers

  • OK, what would be best for a Galaxy Note 10.1?

    So many choices.

  • Well if I was to make a choice I would say Pocketcasts by shifty jelly. They have a backup feature so if you have to reset you phone to factory settings you will not lose your subscriptions.

  • Thanks for doing this great site! I have a fourth gen iPod, and have used iTunes on my Mac to subscribe to probably a couple of hundred podcast feeds. I like that iTunes will automatically update, that I can choose to have a podcast deleted or keep after listening, and that iOS devices allow bookmarking. About once a year I download just over 10,000 podcasts (yes, that’s essentially all I listen to whenever I can be listening) into a playlist called “podcasts” so that one will play after another after another in sequence. It seems to be almost random the order in which the podcasts appear on my device, but that’s not so important since they are all interesting to me and I plan to listen to them all (still wish I could get podcasts NOT in the iTunes universe to download from the various website and whatnot…). With my new iPhone (5S), I’d like to simplify down to a single device but a good friend and fellow podcast enthusiast told me not to bother with the native podcast app, that it was still buggy and would frustrate me beyond belief and to just stick with my antiquated system and device. I’ve done some research online but so far, can’t find my answer, and frankly don’t have unlimited time to keep at it. Can you help?
    much thanks!

  • I listen to lots of podcasts, and almost no music, on my iPod touch, which isn’t even configured for internet use. All I want it for is podcasts. It works well for video podcasts. iTunes drives me nuts for podcasts – all I know it for – and I’m wondering if there’s another podcast manager better than iTunes for use on an iPod.

  • Is there a podcatcher that would make it easy for me to change the titles, artist, album, and content tags?

    I like to download interviews and talk podcasts, and keep them organized on my PC. They are l isted by filename, which is often some code used by the podcaster, and not very informative for me when I’m scrolling thruogh the list, either on the PC where they are listed by filename, nor on my mp3 player, where they are listed by title.

    I’d like to be able to easily change all those. Is there a podchatcher that does this particularly well? I used Juice for a while, but the interface was not very well documented, it was difficult to figure out how to use the group changes. I wonder if an app written speicfiically for Windows would be more feature-rich, since the developers could focus more on features, and less on the transportability.

    • I have looked and looked, This is why it has taken so long to reply. I haven’t been able to find anything like that but I do have a “Work around”.

      I understand the need and want to organize your shows. I would say that to do what you are wanting to I would first use an mp3 Tag editor. I like MP3Tag found at This will allow you to do mass editing of mp3’s ID3 Tags then so that you can make them ealy found on your hard drive you can have a folder setup for each topic whether it is the special guest or another reason you are wanting to save that episode. I will go a little deeper detail on Episode 23.

  • Can you recommend an Android podcatcher that is capable of both subscribing to a youtube video channel feed and downloading the videos during off-peak times for later playback. In the country I live, broadband is a joke and ISP’s traffic shape heavily during peak times making youtube streaming of less popular channels nearly untenable.

    • This is proving to be very difficult. I thought I had reviewed an app that did the scheduled downloads but so far I am striking out. I will keep looking and see if I can find something for you. The only item I have found that will schedule is HermesPod but that isn’t very portable and takes you back to the old Itunes days where you have to sync up your phone. granted it works but it is an extra step will keep looking for you.

  • Hi
    I have 15 or 20 podcasts that I like to keep up with. I like to be able to see them all in one place and know when they have been updated. Then I like downloading them and keeping them in separate files so I can find them later (I have many thousands of hours I’ve saved over the years). I usually load several hours of podcasts I’ve downloaded into Windows Media Player and listen to them around the house and then leave them on when I go to bed, I find it very comforting.

    For years I used the Opera browser podcast manager (? I don’t know if this is the correct word for what I mean) and I was very very happy. It worked exactly like I wanted. Well times change and so did Opera. So a couple of years ago I had to find a new podcast manager I searched and searched finally I found an extension for the Chrome browser and I have been using that. I was never too happy with Chrome it takes several steps to do what Opera would do in one…. Oh well it worked.

    I just bought a new computer and I find that the new version of Chrome doesn’t catch podcasts anymore…. I’ve spent the past several days looking and I can’t find anything close to what I want. This is very frustrating, I think what I want is very simple. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Juice does a good job not the best but by far not the worst Podcast Manager (Podcatcher) out there. You can grab it here

      • I hope you can help in some way. I know nothing about how to use podcatchers and I find it all really confusing to be honest! I have a new mp3 player so I would really love to use it as it cost alot, anyway I downloaded mediamonkey and I don’t know how to use it. Like, it seems really complicated. Can you recommend one that’s easy for a podvirgin to grasp? Any tips yo can give me that will make podcatching easier? Thanks in advance.

        • To use on windows the best pod catcher I could actually recommend is iTunes. One you have the best directory. And you can set the default location for your downloaded shows to your music folder that way it is easy for you to sync your MP3 player to your shows.

          If you are using an android powered MP3 player you might look at beyond pod as a free choice or if you have the money pocket casts is a great choice.

      • Juice 22 stopped working on WIN7. Used to work many years. Win10 reports en error in the download path, which can not be controlled in preferences with on non-starting software.

  • Does Juice work with windows 9 and 10? I have used juice for the last maybe 10 years, and I am still running XP, I may be forced to downgrade to 9 or 10, which is sad, XP works so well. I also like my podcasts, I download, rename the ones I want to keep, and keep them in folders to listen to. Thanks.

  • Hi Bryan,
    I’m a 60-year-old woman who just wanted to start listening to podcasts on my PC with W10. I did some research, including finding your amazing site here, and subsequently downloaded MediaMonkey. Since you’re the guru of this stuff, I thought you should know that downloading MediaMonkey was a near-stroke experience. At the “welcome to” page, I got unending alerts of invalid pointer application. These little boxes continued to populate while I panicked and attempted to immediately uninstall it in settings. Because there were countless alert boxes I couldn’t uninstall until I finally thought to use Esc to back out of everything. To close, I’m hopeful I didn’t do any damage to the hard drive. All this is just FYI because I like your site and I’m impressed by the wealth of information here. I think I’ll wait Microsoft out until they add a podcatcher or do the iTunes thing. Thanks for listening.

  • Hi Bryan!

    I’d love it if you could check out my new podcast player at It works on both mobile and PC and is currently 100% browser based. It’s free.


  • I tried to download Juice, and while it seemed to be fine at first, when I later went to click on the shortcut on my desktop, I got an error message. I went to their website and found a place to download a driver for Windows 8, which is what my computer runs, and I couldn’t do it because my computer said it detected some malware. Now what? I really want to download podcasts to then move on to my mp3 player. 🙁 😕

    • Honestly I am going to vote for iTunes. It is the most reliable in the podcatchers. Your podcasts that you are wanting to listen to are findable and you will be able to be found and copied over to your MP3 device. Many of these Podcast Managers for PCs are no longer being updated and are becoming very dated. You might also look at Shortorange but iTunes is becomeing my go to.

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