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Getting Contacted by your listeners is great!Many people with a podcast want to have their audience to be more engaging. They try the open questions, the podcaster tries to get emails sent people to call in. Some type of feedback. Any feedback at all. How do you get feedback? This is the question many listeners ask after they ask how to get more listeners. One way to help is to make it easy for your audience to contact you and help with the interaction is for you to have a simple contacts page.

Why a contact page?

  • Simplify the call to action – You can say visit our contact page in way to follow us.
  • keep everything in one place – Instead of telling you audience to go here then here then here, OH and dont forget there, There , and over Yonder. It is all in one spot and people can go to where they are most comfortable
  • People look for ways to contact your show. – Many times people are driving running or doing something with their hands so a pen and paper is not close by. This way it is easy for people to remember just direct the podcast listeners to your contacts page.
  • You can have an email form lined up so people can easily send you emails. There is nothing wrong with a email form on your site. you may get some spam but

What needs to be in a contact page?

The main items you want to have on your contact page is

A contact form at the very least. you can use the wordpress plugin Contact Form Maker This is a simple little plugin that allows for your listeners to quickly send a simple message to your email inbox with out them having to deal with the hassle of opening their email client copying over the address and hitting send they just enter their information and BOOM! They are done. no muss no fuss.

Use a Prettylink to make the url rememberable like

But you might want to also have a combination of any of the following.

  • Phone number make sure to make it clickable for the mobile phones
  • Email address You can put this on your site if you use
  • Social Media Information
  • Call to action for rating the podcast

Tip of the Week

Make sure your information is set up to work on mobile devices. The mobile users are growing. So you might want to use these special codes, for instance

To make your phone number clickable <a href=”tel:[PHONE-NUMBER]“>[PHONE-NUMBER]</a>

You can also so an SMS Messages <a href=”sms:[PHONE-NUMBER]?body=[MESSAGE]“>[PHONE-NUMBER]</a>

maybe you use Skype to talk to people They can now contact you with <a href=”skype:skype_user?call”>Call us using Skype!</a>

You might also want to tell your audiance where they can meet you in person. <a href=”” title=”Your Address here” target=”_blank”>Your Address Here</a>

A Podcasters Site – New Segment

When you you start growing. Your audience will start wanting to help you out when they can. A nice convenient way is by donations. A new site that has been up for a few months  called Patreon Fills this gap nicely. This is a  support site for creatives. Whether it is painters, bloggers, youtubers, or podcasters, writers, or photographers this is a site that will help you feed your habit.

Some people look at it like it is a continuously running Kickstarter campaign. After you set your page up your listeners are able to go and pledge money to your show and for each show, or monthly depending on you set your page up, your pledgers will then contribute when you release an episode. Now this doesn’t make your show a pay to listen. Your listeners will still be able to get your show for free, it is just a way for your podcast audience to help with your show.

You are able to set up rewards for reaching different goals, which will help to make each accomplishment the much better.

Podcasting News

Adam Corrolla has taken the gloves off on the patent troll Personal Audio LLC He is hitting the this non producing Bully with everything he has got, and the podfather is needing our help. Adam has put a fundraiser together over at Fundanything

Listen to Marc Maron and Adam Corolla talk about the patent troll

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