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DoggCatcher is General Podcatcher and News aggregator for Android

When it comes to podcast managers there are several around. One you don’t hear much about is the Podcatcher known as Doggcatcher. This is a premium app for the android phones. One of the reasons I started using Doggcatcher is because I was having problems with my main podcast manager. So, I started looking around I had heard people mention DoggCatcher a few times and wondered how well it works.

I first tried the out my podcast and checked out to see how everything works I was able to download and play so I downloaded and played one of the shows that I was having problems with, and it worked, Great! So off I went assuming that this podcatcher worked like my old one. My first lesson in changing over podcasts. Then found out that you can’t just migrate over shows in to Doggcatcher and expect them to be in order. I knew this but was not fully ready for the number of hoops I was going to have to jump through just to get my shows in the order i wanted to have them play.

What I was expecting to do, was setup some type of category or playlist and add my shows to that playlist and the podcast manager would take over and automatically add the episodes to the list in the order of oldest to newest and away I would go!

Not quite that easy. Especially if your are in the truck driving profession, like I am currently. The biggest issue I have with Doggcatcher is that there are a few extra steps that I was not aware of, till I had to figure out the problem while driving down the road. Let it be known that trying to figure out why your shows are not playing in the assigned category is not easy, especially when you are driving. Yet, when I was able to find a place to stop and look I found out that you have to add all of the podcasts shows to a category, and then add those categories to a playlist. After that, any shows that were already downloaded didn’t automatically get added to the playlist, so you have to add those orphaned shows to a list. Big pain in the tail

These extra steps and hoops I find to be a bit of a problem for the new podcast listener. These are the people who are hearing the word podcast and have decided to see what the hubbub is all about. Using something like Doggcatcher is going to prove to be a  little too challenging for some new people who will give up because of the difficulty of getting the shows to play the way that they want.

 The Good aspects of DoggCatcher

OPML – If you are a big enough podcast listener you know about OPML files. These are files that are great if you consume lots of podcasts it is basically a bookmark page of all the podcast RSS feeds you listen to, and DoggCatcher allows for the import and export of these OPML files trust me it helps

Plays all mp3 files – I have a few feeds that I thought had pod faded but come to find out they haven’t. Great!

Chromecast – If you are a fan of Chromecast, Doggcatcher has the ability to stream your podcasts to your television.

The Bad aspects of DoggCatcher

The steps to take to set up your shows you are subscribed is challenging  to say the least. The multiple steps to setup your shows so that they will be played according to the category you have chosen.

The verdict of Doggcatcher

Great app but not for the beginning listener. It could be a bit of a frustration and cause new listeners to give up on listening to podcasts.

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