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Great quote for those looking to set goalsIt is that time of the year. The glorious time where everyone is making goals and then swearing off of them a month into the adventure. This goes with podcasters too. I have done it many times. I didn’t accomplish a single podcast goal I had set. Which is evident in that the show podfaded for a little while.

why? well that is because I didn’t follow through, and that is a large reason as to why people fail. Remember what your old Basketball coach use to say,

Its all in the follow through
– Coach B. Ball

That wise pointer has never been more true than in goal setting. Everybody can make goals, but are those goals good goals? Are those goals realistic goals? Often the answer is no. Yet there are plenty of people who make great goals and still don’t achieve them. That amounts to how much they planned. Was all the steps thought about planned for? Yes there might be a giant pothole that was unexpected, show up but if you have enough determination to reach your goal you will find away around the Grand Canyon.

Goal Setting Steps

How are you suppose to set your goals up for success? This is actually easier said than done. Many goal setters will set objectives like Quitting smoking, and not have a plan as to how they will quit. So, First step is know what your goal is. Then get your steps lined out as to how you are wanting to reach your goal. When you set your goals remember to help make it easier to see if it is a good goal to reach you might want to use the SMART technique.

What is SMART Goal Setting?

Specific – What specifically do you want to achieve?
Measurable – Can you see that you are making progress?
Attainable – Is it a realistic goal or are trying the impossible?
Results Focused – How is this goal going to help you?
Time bound – Goals are nothing more than dreams with a deadline

Using this template you can see what certain details of your goal you need to work on so that you can reach and surpass that one objective you are wanting to meet.

What are some podcast specific goals to have.

The big one most podcasters use is Grow your audience. Just make sure you have how much you want your audience to grow, is it by 25 listeners or is it 2,500 listeners? Another one many people like to buy a new piece of equipment. Just know what piece of equipment you want and how you are going to attain that particular funding and set the deadline and you have a very good and reachable goal. Interviews are good to have. You might have a goal to interview three specific people by the 3rd of July. Specific and time limited is what you want to put the need get it done in your head.

My Goals for Podcast Dojo?

  1. Have four products designed and ready to go by 12:00 pm June 15 2015
  2. Make Podcast Dojo a weekly show again (so far so good)
  3. Make $20,000 off of product sales by 11:59PM December 31, 2015 – This is reachable. But it is my big challenge.
  4. Grow the Twitter followers for Circlecast to 3,996 followers and Podcast Dojo by 500 by 11:59 pm December 31, 2015 that would be 2,000 new followers


Podcasting News

Podcasting Awards Nominations open up on January 19th – Yep time to put your raving hoards to work on promoting your show. It is also time to have the bellyachers and spoiled sports to complain that the awards are unfair.

Adam Carolla Key noting NMX!

The Mic goes from XLR to 1/4" TRS to an 1/8" TRS into the mic port of the Roland R-05 Digital Recorder

Voice mail from John Morgan Lets Talk Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

He asked what my mic setup was since I dropped my mixer. The set up is very linear it goes from XLR to 1/4″ TRS cable into an adapter down to 1/8″ TRS into the Roland R-05 Digital recorder. This is the easy setup and though I will be adding a new mixer one day at the moment this  clean simple setup is great! I have the headphones plugged in for monitoring my sound and If you need help contact me.

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