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Glenn Beck

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The host goes off the rails a bitThere are a few things that I get really wound up about, one of them is free speech. As I was playing catch up on my podcasts about podcasting the shows are starting to mention Podcast Movement. Not only are they talking about Podcast Movement 2015, they are complaining about one of the new speakers added to the lineup. Many are even talking about not going to the conference because of this speaker. Who is this speaker? It is Glenn Beck, Yeah he has a tendency to irritate certain people.

Yet, Glenn Beck is one thing he talks about what he is passionate about. You can either agree or disagree but he does incite a response. But I am having why people who use free speech each week wants to stifle one persons right, and this is what I am seeing and hearing with each person’s comment about how they are not going to go to the conference at all. Why throw out the baby with the bathwater? Why not show some of that tolerance you expect of other people. Free speech is a two way street. Why not listen to what Glenn Beck has to say you might be surprised that you are agreeing with him. Of course that could be why you are scared to listen to what Glenn Beck has to say because you might start questioning why you don’t like him in the first place.

Free speech is important to all of us in the podcasting world, and Glenn Beck is a leader of the new media field. You might see that he has some interesting in sights in the industry.

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