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Restarting or even just starting a podcast can put you into cold sweatsThis month I have found that I had a problem, an issue, a thing, that I needed to conquer to be able to keep going with my podcast. I was busy coming up with different excuses as to why my ability to podcast was not happening. I was using every excuse available. Then it hit me as to why my podcasting had stopped.

I knew it was not because I had lost interest in podcasting. In fact, I was always looking at podcasting equipment and listening to podcast about podcasts. My problem was I had become afraid. Most people get right up to the line when it comes to podcasting, but they do not jump out of fear.

Now the reason for that fear can be as different as each podcaster and aspiring podcaster out there, but the failure to launch in 9 times outta 10 the result of fear. That is what my problem was. I was afraid of what you my audience would say. What were they thinking? I knew many people wanted me to go on with the show because I have received emails from people listening and asking questions. Yet I would still throw work in as the blame or get sidetracked on the recording day and not get the recording done.

Well, I finally did it I jumped, AGAIN and I am going to keep pushing myself to get this show going on a regular basis again. Dont give up quite yet. If I do stop for good I will let you know. But the fear in podcasting that I was experiencing is not over, I have to rebuild an atrophied podcasting muscle and that can be daunting enough, but I know that I have already let many audience members downa and that is the scariest of them all.

I let my audience members down they were / are still, coming to the show for answers and I was not there. but that fear in my self perceived shame will be the determination to keep going. So, Hello world! The show is Going on.

I mentioned you can friend me on Playstation Network and you can find me using the screen name of Circlecast
MY Playstation tag

Come along I have some neat ideas for the streaming potion of the PS4 and so we will have fun especially after I get a Plus account.

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