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Time to push the button.

You hit record.

hit the record button

Hit the Record Button

Now what do you say? This is a point for much contention and much argument to many podcaster’s. Many people think you should just do a brief intro and get on with the show don’t waste anytime with the how-do-you-do’s. Get the show on the road and jump in to the main topic and start rolling. While other podcaster’s believe that there should be a little warm up period. A peak behind the curtain into their lives and inside baseball points of interest. And people will spend a little too much time talking and not providing any value.

So what path do you take? Should you be closed off to your audience or should you over indulge? This is a touchy point as I said may hosts think you should do one side or the other. And how much of one is that key point in your podcast introduction.

The Big Intro

Note the music, you can have Podcast Intro music but you want to be careful with what music you are using. If you want to have intro music and a voice over, good it ups the audio branding of your show and will help with the official feel of your show. Many ways you can make an intro. You can make your own (Free), or you can have someone who knows more about this make one. A good low cost idea is Fiverr you can get the voice over and all for just 5 bucks. Now this can be good but at times it can be a problem because you do not have control over the music and you might get a copyrighted song mixed into the intro. and we will go into those problems a little later on.

If you are really wanting to crank up the professional sound and add some OOH’s and AAH’s to the mix you can also use Music Radio Creative. Mike Russel and his darling wife/business partner have teamed up to put together the perfect audio branding intro outro service on the net.  Well, I am a fan of their podcast. This team will create your very own personal sound for your podcast. They will dig down to the reason behind your show so that they will be able to get your spirit to shine through on intro outro and assorted bumpers that might be used throughout the show. And all with out worry of there being any IRAA lawyer beating on your door. This service in not cheap but rightfully so you get what you pay for in this instance.

But let say you are flat broke, or you are just up for the challenge of making your own intro. How to you get music that is not going to in the end costing you millions in court fees. You can look for Royalty free music. Typically this doesn’t mean it is free music. You by the music for a price but the artist doesn’t get any  royalties from the song it can be played and played and played and you don’t get charged like you would if you were to use a top 40 song. The IRAA would charge you for every instance that song is played.  Then there is a different route you can take. There is a critter called podsafe music. This is music that is free to use and often free to get also. A great resource is Music Alley. The Music is free they just ask that you mention the song and artist somewhere in the show.

Some other Resources for music

Incompetech royalty free music search

Youtube Royalty Free Music

So once you have your music picked out how long should the intro music be. Typically 30 seconds to a minute is good. Though you can go longer and you can go shorter. I wouldn’t go much longer than a minute and what ever you do, Do NOT play a whole song for your intro. People will get bored and just leave you will get a new subscriber from time to time but they will leave again if their first listen to your show is a 4 minute song. You can play a full song but just fade it way, way down, and start your show. That is why people came by to listen. Your listeners want to hear you not your awesome choice in tunes. So, choose wisely on your music and  remember that the show must go on.

What should you say on your intro?

If you have an intro, the obvious would be the name of your show. and also have the your name in the introduction too. You can put your elevator pitch in the intro also if you choose or you might want to save it for the episode intro.

Episode Intro

Now after the intro music fades out it is time for your episode intro. This is one place I recomend a thourgh outline of what you are gonig to say

For instance we will use my outline


Each week this show aims to…Inspire those who want to start a podcast, to grab a mic. Coach this who are podcasting, to aim for the best. And Cheer the podcasting community on, as podcasting becomes more and more popular each day.

Episode URL
Mailing List:
Share The Love:

Now if you go and listen to a podcast episode you will hear this format each week now it will change slightly for instance this week I added the Share the love address to the intro. I have changed the wording for the description each week, but you can see how it follows a particular flow of the show. Now some people may actually think that this is some form of cheating. Dont worry about those types of people, Have an Intro Script and follow it.

Tip of the Week!

Have an intro script. This will help you become more and more uniform on your will keep the rabbit trails at the very beginning down to a minimum, and allow your new listeners know what your show is about. It also lets your tried and true listeners know they have the right show. So, write out your intro in outline form and after a few shows it will become automatic.

Podcasting News

Blurry PowerPress 5 is out.

New Player – MediaElement.js Audio Player This is the Media player Podcast dojo is now using due to its flexability

now has a Simplified version besides the default version

The Artwork is now all in one place no more hunting around for the diffrent cover art locations.

The improvements are great and much needed

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Time to stop standing on the sideline and do somethingAlright I have been slowly picking at this site for a little over a month and a half it is time that I get it up and running. I have decided on the direction and the message and so I will now start using this and another site for my goal.

You ask anybody how to you start podcasting and that answer is usually the same, pick a topic and start recording.  Basically they are right and that is what this site and the following podcast is out to do. Educate and document the my learning of the business of podcasting. I know how to podcast, been doing it for a little over two and half years. The techniques and tips to improve my podcasting skills and hopefully business will help you folks who are wanting to know how to podcast or if there really is money in podcasting.

That leads me to my next commonly asked question. Can you make money from podcasting? Yes and no, is the answer. yes there is money in podcasting when you use it as a tool for your service or product. Podcasting can help your existing business grow and flourish in many amazing ways. you do have to drop some conventional thought and get out of the box of How everyone else does it, before you can really understand the true power of podcasting.

Can you make money strictly from a podcast? That is possible some people do, very very few. It is possible but it is one of those very few rare occurrences and most of the time the people already had an existing audience.


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