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Personal Brand

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Social Networks are great for building your personal brandWhat is a personal brand

Who are you? what are you wanting to put out as your personal brand or as some call it image? A personal image is important for podcasters on a few different levels. First, it is who you are.You have a certain message you are trying to put out. You do not want some other schmoe coming in and using your name and undo all the hard work you have put into fostering and developing your personal brand.

Also it is who your audience thinks you are. This takes time, patience, and lots and lots of work. Your personal brand should be who you really are. If you try to be someone you are not people will figure out that little detail and then your personal brand will be that you are phony or fake and when you make a recommendation it will not carry nearly as far. In other words to thine own self be true.

Do you need a personal brand?

That is up to you in whether you want to build your personal brand but you should know that your brand is who you are. Your actions will form your image it would be better to cultivate your image to be more of what you aspire your image to be. Now this doesn’t mean if you do a specific character that you have to act like that character. Look at Alison Sweeney. She plays the character Sami Brady on Days of our live. I don’t watch it any more but yes I use to be hooked on the darn show. Anyhow, the character Sami is not a very nice person and at times can be down right evil. Allison has told stories of her walking through the airport or down the street and having a fan of the show walk up to her and slap her. It is not because Alison is a bad person but her character is. So, when you release a podcast episode or you are on another show for an interview, or guest hosting, You want to put out the same person

Ways to build your personal brand.

  • Be real
  • Don’t use a fake voice unless it is a part of your character.
  • Look at your site. Is it a good representation as to who you are? Is the site an extension of who you are? Does it represent you the way you want to be shown.
  • Also Go to the different Social media sites and claim your name. Grab the email addresses. are you going to be able to get them all? no but you will be able to get a good portion.
  • Get your domain! this is the big one it is the best way to ensure your shows name. get the domain for your show. It is easier for your listeners to find your show if they are wanting to see the show notes for a particular episode.

Tip of the Week

Be real. That is the true key to building your brand

Podcast News

Rob Greenlee Announced As New CTO At PodcastOne

Rob has been an advocate for podcasting in the Microsoft world for several years and for the longest time if you wanted to be listed in the Zune market place you sent an email to Rob himself. Well his hard work and dedication to this medium has awarded him a position over at PodcastOne. Which is a Celebrity podcast directory The directory is created by the same people who created WestwoodOne. PodcastOne prides itself in having hand-picked audio podcasts for its line up. to represent the”Best” podcasts. This way they are able to educate advertisers that Podcasts are not amateur hour and that the money what need to be put into podcasts should be a lot higher.

So if you see Rob online Tell him congrats he earned it.

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