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No Free LunchHave you ever hear that saying nothing in life is free? I am sure you have. If not then I know you have hear the saying there is no such thing as a free lunch. In other words Something may not cost you money but that item is costing you something. Whether it is time or information. Everything has a price. So what do you want to look out for when you are dealing with free.

So what are you trading for when you use something free?

For hosting you are normally giving up some of your ability to control of your data after your uploads. Some places change your encoding to what they want. Others, Blog Talk radio, will hold your audience hostage if you want to move to a better service. You either pay or you lose them. Some change your ID3 tags so you are advertising their service.

Other directories – You give up potential hits to your site. Then again you get links back to your site.

Software big example as to  getting what you pay for. Free may mean little tech support so you have to hunt and dig to find a solution to a problem. Then again it may have a a high learning curve, So again you are “spending” your time figuring out how to run this free piece of software. Then there are those that are commonly known as scumware, or malware that inject ads and pop ups on your screen.

Free sites? If you look at it these are not normally free. in fact even this site I am asking for your email address so you can get the newest episode before anybody else, and then there are more paid services coming on line in the future. Free costs something what the value of something is, depends on you.

Free isn’t a good business model so many times free means temporary and one day be gone with your audience and files.


WordPress 3.7.1

Some minor bugs

WP SEO by Yoast also has an update to fix the small

wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/inc/wpseo-non-ajax-functions.php people were getting

State of the Podcast Union

So much great information is given out by Todd Cochrane over at Podcast Connect and Rawvoice

Some of the key points about 4400 shows that were nominated

7% have a non-branded webpage. This is not bad means that 93% of the podcasters have their own space

37% of shows had their RSS feed buried. BAD display your RSS feed proudly! Prove you are a podcast.

44% didn’t have any way for people to consume their show on their site. No download or play button/link and the point of putting your show out is what then? you should have a link it is built into Powerpress! you are driving your audiance way.

22% of Video Podcasters had no embed link on their site and 80% of those didn’t have RSS feeds nor iTunes Listings they were Youtube only. That means you are a YouTuber. Not a podcaster. a podcast has an RSS feed for people to be able to download your show and view at a later date.

23% Of the shows submitted had invalid RSS feeds. and the majority of those feeds were linking to Soundcloud or some other 3rd party hosting site. Validate your feed Regularly. Many times you fans will notify you, if there is a way to contact you. Yet sometimes you don’t get a notice.

21% had an RSS icon on their homepage/landing page but another 23%  did have the RSS icon but it was buried and was not easy to find. Again Be proud of yhour show make it as easy as you cann for your listeners to consume your show in as many different ways as they want.

56% didn’t have a feed or it just simply couldn’t be found. by Google or other means. Again see the previous point.

83% did have an iTunes link YEAH!!!!

23% did have a Stitcher link Even more YEAH!!!

31% still using Feedburner that is down from 71% that is good

12% have Newsletter collection that is down by 31% Depends on how you look at it but that can be good.

15% Have a call in number

92% used WordPress

82% didn’t do quality show notes. If you want to get ahead of your competition do show notes more people will find you through Google searches.

71% audio only

Shows that had less than 1 show a week grew 69% slower than weekly shows. Shows with audio, video, and blog posts grew 42% faster than shows with only one form of media.

Todd then talks about how people are currently miss representing their stats. and the problems with doing that. it not only hurts you it also hurts everyone else. so swallow the pride and don’t feel bad if you only have 50 listeners  everyone has been there at one time or another.

iTunes is till the 800lbs gorilla in the pod space. but there are over 126 different countries with 10 or more listeners. using over 100 different podcast clients

Late Breaking!!!!

You can now get your Google Plus Custom Vannity URL! Go to your profile and you will see a blue banner at the top! Follow the directions and you will fianlly get it!.

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