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show notes

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Show notes should be used if anything for their seo Show notes, this is almost every podcasters bane. The number one part of podcasting that no one likes seems to be writing show notes. Why? Well from my guess most podcasters don’t like writing. Hence the reason they are podcasting, that way they  can create content with hopes of not writing as much. So if all your content is spoken shy should a podcast worry about show notes? Why should you worry about show notes? I would put show notes in the category of discoverability. The notes that are put out, help search engines like google, bing, yahoo, to find out if your show is what their searchers are looking for. It allows for people to evaluate whether you are going to be giving them good information.

What do show notes need?

Minimum length of show notes should be about 300 words. The more words you write ,the better, but do not write for Google or any other search engine. People who write just for SEO will eventually get hit with some update. You are seeing people talk about the penguin update and how it has messed up their seo strategy and needing to spend many hundreds if not thousands of dollars to correct what was broken with a Google update. That could all be alleviated if they had tried selling to a person instead of an algorithm.  When you do write, write to your audience and share the needed information Give details about what is going to be in you show

What do you not need to put in your show notes

In this episode… Many new podcasters will start off with the phrase “In this episode…” somewhere in their show notes.  It really doesn’t help with explaining what it is an episode most people who find your podcast episode’s show notes will quickly find out that this is for a podcast or at least some type if episodic content. Why some people don’t do show notes

  • I have heard, “I don’t want to lose listeners because they are getting what they need from the show notes.” This says I don’t have confidence in my material. I don’t believe my show is good enough for people to be interested in every episode. IF that is the case relax. Work on your material and improve it each episode. but keep putting out good show notes
  • Other people think that they are not good writers, and there for don’t believe they should subject people to what they wrote. If you are not a good writer again relax. Keep writing your writing will improve with each time you write.
  • The Notes takes too long / or too busy to write. Yes notes can take a very long time to research and write and at times the show notes can take a very long time. But the end results are well worth the time, the frustrations, and fingers tied up in knots.

Growing your audience takes work, not just time taken into recording but to type out well thought out show notes.   Examples of good show notes
The School of Podcasting – Well this is done by a master so it is always goood to show the best example of show notes
Strange Worlds Travelogue – Great extra bits about the show and explains about what the episode is about.
Examples of not so good show notes
Smodcast – really doesn’t tell you anything about what the episode contains.
What to Think – The notes touch on what is going to be talked a bit but lacking in detail and makes it difficult for search engines to use that information for potential audience members who could trip across the site.

Podcasting News

Blackberry podcast directory is gone. Blackberry has taken the submit a podcast page down and if you go to the actual catalog page it is gone too. So it looks like Blackberry is hurting pretty bad and is starting to shut down some services. There for the link has been removed from the approved directory listing.

Comment question

Margaret Bartley asked a question on the Podcatchers page, and she is wanting to know if there is a podcatcher that allows for people to edit the id3 Tags and the file names so that the episodes she wants to listen to again are easier to find.

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