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What do you need to know about video podcastingCan Videos be Podcasts?

Yes, As long as the media is delivered via RSS, then it is a podcast so in a way and in definition you can actually have a PDF podcast if you chose to have one. Now, many people are just beginning to understand what a podcast is and how it actually works, but they have tied everything to just audio. This does, at times, cause some confusion and misinformation is spread around. There are many great podcasts that are video only podcasts. While some podcasts have both an audio and video feed. In other words there is an RSS fee that supplies just the Audio version of the Show and another feed that has only the video of the show. This is all contingent on your preference, and also what your topic is.

Why would you want to do a video podcast?

You might want to start with, do you have detailed information that is better told through showing? Does is pass the Easier to Show Test, if it is easier to say “Here, Let me show you.” Then you probably want to have a video podcast or at least a video episode of so that your audience is able to see and fully understand what you are telling then. Many times if your going through many steps of “Do This, Then This” A video of what you are talking about helps your podcast audience out tremendously. The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words truly is evident when you are walking someone through a step by step tutorial showing them a very technical topic.

So with a video podcast you actually share more information than you can, with just audio. You can post photos of your topic or you can add animation that will explain the topic in a simpler term than you could with just words.

As the host of the show, many times we want to give our audience our information in all the different channels they could possibly want. You might find out that you have an audience that doesn’t listen to audio all that often,. Yet, they watch videos non-stop. In that case you might want to start a podcast, as an effort to reach those specific audience members that normally wouldn’t listen to your show.

If a podcaster puts out one video a month their audience grows faster than if they are just audio. They grow even faster still if they put out a video along side their audio episodes.

Why would you not want to do a video podcast?

If you are using Libsyn as your media host you are typically able to get by with a $15 plan of 250MB for your one hour show. An hour-long audio podcast will be in the ball park of 45 MB. Now, if you were to do a video in standard definition then you are going to need about 350MB. So with just one video episode you have gone over you allotted upload for a month. Or in other words Video has more data, each pixel that is on the screen for that 1/26 of a second and takes up space on your hard drive. So Video is very expensive when it comes to hosting.

Videos also take up more space on your audience’s listening device. There for if they get behind their storage on their phone or iPod will start to disappear because your videos are taking up that space. The first place I free up are the unwatched videos that are taking up my precious space. The File size also becomes a factor when people are concerned about their bandwidth consumption. If you are on Verizon or AT&T you are on a tiered plan so it can get expensive if you go over your allotted bandwidth.

These days most people catch up with their podcast episodes when they are doing something else. Whether that is Washing the dishes, Mowing the lawn, or driving to work, your audience is normally doing something else with an audio podcast. They will not be able to listen as easily when there is a video playing. Often people will stop and watch the video when they are done. So unless you have really good content then people are normally not going to “get” to your show because they will have more pressing fires to put out.

When you are creating an audio podcast you realize that the recording is the easy part and for every minute of audio recorded is 4 minutes of other work associated with the show. That includes editing, uploading, show notes and marketing.  Now take that and double it. It becomes a 1:8 Ratio of work and most of it is in the editing.

Alternatives to Doing a video podcast

Youtube Free and is the second largest Search engine on the net. People are very active on Youtube.

Google Hangouts actually ties in to YouTube but at the same time give you the ability record and post at the same time.

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